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Can WordPress Bloggers Benefit From The Pomodoro Technique?

Let’s do a quick poll: how many of us made a new years resolution that we were going to be more organised, efficient and effective with our WordPress work in 2012?

I did just that, and I suspect that many of you folk are in the same boat. So what’s the plan of attack?

I know a few writers and web developers who swear by the Pomodoro Technique for staying focused and productive. I’ve decided to give it a whirl this year, and see what (if any) improvement it brings to my work habits.

Better time management for WordPress bloggers using the Pomodoro Technique

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Literature Review: ‘WordPress 3.3 User Guide’ by Interconnect IT

With WordPress 3.3 now in full swing, authors and publishers are busy upgrading the multitude of guidebooks and manuals out there, to accommodate the latest version of the software.

This year we’ll be trying to review as much WordPress literature as we can, and we welcome suggestions from the community on any good resources that we’ve haven’t covered yet.

Today we’ve got our hands on a manual entitled the ‘WordPress 3.3 User Guide’, put together by Interconnect IT, a UK-based WordPress firm.

About the WordPress 3.3 User Guide

Guide to using WordPress 3.3

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WordPress in 2012: What Are Your Thoughts On The Year Ahead?

The new year is upon us. We hope you all enjoyed the festive season and are looking forward to some serious WordPress action in 2012.

As for us, we’re very excited about some upcoming WP projects. I can’t spill too many beans right now, but you can expect big things from WPMU DEV this year. We’ve got some very ambitious stuff in the pipeline, which you’ll be hearing more about soon.

What are your plans for WordPress in 2012?

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Merry Christmas From The WPMU Crew!

Tis the season! But before we put our feet up and commence festivities, we couldn’t round out the year without sending some Christmas love to our dear friends in all parts of the world.

We owe genuine thanks to all our readers for being a part of the WPMU community in 2011. It’s you fine folk who have helped to make this blog the number one WordPress source on the web. Things are only going to get better in the year ahead, so we hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the ride!


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Reduce Image Bloat in WordPress And Get Rid Of Unused Files

If you use a lot of photos and graphics on your WordPress site, you’ve probably accumulated a tonne of image files on your server that you have no use for. This is a quick and effective strategy for cutting down on excess image files and only keeping what you actually need.

The image bloat problem

When you upload a photo or graphic to your site, by default WordPress creates four different sizes of the image: Thumbnail, Medium, Large and Full Size.

Too many image files WordPress

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WordPress Question: Controlling Language Settings in WordPress Multisite

During our WordPress Q & A session last week, we had several people mention difficulties with changing the language in WordPress Multisite.

This one was such question, from a WPMU reader named Tagit:

I followed all the instructions in the WordPress codex, to switch my Multisite install from English to Hebrew.

wp-config, downloaded he_IL.mo etc…

Hebrew works fine in the subdomains of my site, but I still can’t write Hebrew characters on my main site. The characters just render as question marks, like ????

Can anyone suggest a way to fix this?

WordPress Multisite Language Settings

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WordPress Question: How Can You Make BuddyPress Load Faster?

Are you experienced with BuddyPress? This is another interesting question that came up during our WordPress Q & A last week.

Submitted by a WPMU reader named Kris:

We are running WordPress MU and BuddyPress as one blog setup, but the site seems to be quite slow.

Would it make it faster if we had a two separate installations? One for our WordPress blog (with all the content etc..), and another installation for users to access Buddypress. A single login would need to work across both of these sites.

Improve Load Speed BuddyPress

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The WordPress Wrap Up: Thanks For Taking Part In Our Q&A Session

UPDATE: The competition is on again! Please check out the new article and submit your WordPress question there, for your chance to win a free membership at WPMU DEV.

As you probably noticed, we ran a little competition here last week, where we asked our readers to send in questions about WordPress. We selected a few of the most interesting ones and published them on the blog, asking everyone in the WPMU community to help us out with some answers.

WordPress questions WPMU readers

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Stop Your Clients From Deactivating Important WordPress Plugins

There’s nothing worse than a client stumbling through their WordPress installation and messing with things they don’t understand.

You know how it goes. One fine day the curious client decides to experiment with all those shiny knobs and buttons in the WordPress dashboard. Within a few minutes they’ve broken their site, and they get straight on the phone to blame the whole mess on you.

Many developers try to avoid this unfortunate scenario by restricting the client’s options to a bare minimum.

Remove the deactivate link from WordPress plugins

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Friday’s WordPress Question: A WPMU Reader Needs Your Wisdom!

UPDATE: Our competition is on again! Please submit a WordPress question for your chance to win a 3 month membership at WPMU DEV (valued at $159).

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our WordPress Question competition this week.

We’ve had a raft of challenging questions sent in by our readers, and some outstanding responses from helpful folk in the WPMU community. We’ll be doing a wrap up article on Monday where we cover all of the questions and a selection of the best answers – stay tuned!

Today’s WordPress Question

Another WordPress Question WPMU

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