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WordPress Comments: Picking the Right System for You

In a way, comments define blogging and the whole web 2.0 “movement”. From a personal perspective they represented my first victories in blogging. As a beginner blogger, each new comment I received was like a little thumbs up for my amateurish efforts.

So it’s fair to say that I have a soft spot for comments — although my blog tends to get quite a few these days, I still appreciate the input of my readers as much as I ever did and reply to the vast majority of them.


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WooThemes Canvas Framework: How to Easily Include Calls to Action on Every Page

I am a huge fan of WooThemes.

When I was just getting into WordPress they were the first premium theme developers I came across. And when I decided to launch my own blog in June 2011, my theme decision was a shootout between Thesis, StudioPress and Canvas — Woothemes’ “flagship” theme.

In reality, it’s been adapted by many (myself included) as more of a framework than a plug-and-play theme. Whilst my blog’s original design was somewhat vanilla, I was able (with the help of a tame coder) to mould it into something a little more unique over time.


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Beginner WordPress Bloggers: 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do

There are plenty of posts out there with tips for WordPress newbies, which is pretty damned handy, it has to be said.

After all, we were all beginners once. When you first fire it up, WordPress can be pretty overwhelming — such a depth of functionality is not easily presented in an immediately intuitive manner. Having said that, it only takes a few nudges in the right direction to get on your way. Install a theme here, a plugin there, have a fiddle with the visual editor, and you’re on your way.

Beginner WordPress Bloggers: 10 Things You Shouldn't Do

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Freelancer Widgets Bundle for WordPress Users

Whenever Rémi Corson brings out a new plugin I tend to sit up and take note. Apart from being an all-round nice guy, he also develops pretty cool WordPress themes and plugins, like the WordPress donation plugin I reviewed back in July.

So when he told me about a new plugin he has developed for freelancers, I jumped at the chance to take a look. After all — I am one!
Freelancer Widgets Bundle

Freelancers Widgets Bundle

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WordPress Gets Its Second Ever iOS App Courtesy of ManageWP

Back in August a major new version of the WordPress iOS app was released. I was pretty excited to check it out and wasn’t disappointed — it offers a genuinely usable way of adding and editing content on your WordPress site(s) on your mobile devices.

At the time I remarked on the fact that there were no other WordPress iOS apps available. Could it be that mobile devices don’t warrant their own dedicated apps for WordPress beyond the official offering? I hardly believed that could be the case.

The ManageWP iOS App

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Improving Plugin Coding Standards in WordPress Plugins

If you are a regular WPMU reader you may have read my rant on plugin usability back in May. Whist I am no developer, I think it is safe to say that the kind of inconsistencies we see with in certain plugins’ user interfaces often walk hand in hand with poor coding standards.

Not only that, but poor coding standards can lead to a raft of even greater issues such as resource intensive processes, incompatibilities, and security vulnerabilities.

Improving Plugin Coding Standards in WordPress Plugins

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What You Should Put In Your WordPress Blog’s Sidebar (and Why)

The ubiquitous sidebar.

It is a staple of the blogosphere. Assuming that you are reading this post on WPMU (and not in an RSS reader), the tiniest of glances to your right will reveal our sidebar, complete with various widgets and graphics.

Sidebars are perhaps so popular for their flexibility. You can put just about anything in a sidebar — the world is your oyster. The problem is that far too many blogs abuse this freedom too willingly and end up with a mile-long monstrosity nestled alongside their content.

What You Should Put In Your WordPress Blog's Sidebar (and Why)

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Automate Your Social Media Automation with WP to Buffer

Last month I got all warm and fuzzy about the social media sharing app Buffer.

And with good reason — in my humble opinion, it is the best of its kind. Not only does it offer awesome functionality, but it is constantly being developed and improved upon. And the guys at Buffer love WordPress. They purchased the popular social sharing plugin Digg Digg and have been updating it regularly ever since.

But they’re not the only ones at it. A chap called Tim Carr has gone to the trouble of developing a free WordPress plugin that goes a long way towards integrating Buffer with WordPress.

Automate Your Social Media Automation with WP to Buffer

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