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WordPress Plugins: My Top 5

You may have noticed that yesterday I published a list of the 24 plugins I currently use on my blog. It was a big old list, and 24 plugins is a lot by anyone’s standards. I do preach that you should only use plugins when absolutely necessary, and rely on code snippets and so on when it is feasible, so I should probably take my own advice on board!

WordPress Plugins: My Top 5

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WordPress Plugins: The 24 I Use On My Blog

Anyone who is familiar with my writing for WPMU will know that I am a bit of a plugin junkie. I can’t get enough of them. And since I spend rather a lot of time testing and reviewing plugins, I find it rather difficult to curb my addiction at times.

You may not know that as well as writing for the likes of WPMU and other sites, I have my own blog. Often, when I write up a review for a plugin, I first found it when looking for ways to achieve something with Leaving Work Behind.

Leaving Work Behind

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Widgetize Custom Post Types with the Custom Post Display Plugin

You may not even realize that “widgetize” isn’t actually a word. The WordPress community has just gone ahead and made it up.

And yet, it is one of those words that just makes perfect sense. If you know what a widget is (in a WordPress context), you’ll know what “widgetizing” is. Such is the beauty of made-up (yet self-explanatory) words.

With that in mind, you probably have a pretty good idea of what the Custom Post Display plugin does without me having to go into too much detail.

Custom Post Display Plugin

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Get Fruity Comment Spam Protection with WP Pineapple!

Spam is one of those few things in life that doesn’t polarize opinion.

Everyone hates spam. Even spammers hate spam. When I browse through the spam folder on my blog (which I occasionally do to check that no genuine comments have been caught), the absurdity of the spam comments never ceases to amaze me.

I assume that there must be some worth in these attempts to gain backlinks, but it is difficult to believe how.

WordPress Spam Plugin - WP Pineapple

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Travel Bloggers: Geolocate Your Posts with Geolocate My Posts!

Travel blogging has been all the rage for many years, and shows no sign of slowing down. Let’s face it – there is something pretty awesome about traveling the world and logging (or blogging) it all for posterity.

So whilst I am not a travel blogger (the fact that I don’t travel the world makes being one somewhat difficult), I do tend to keep a lookout for the kind of cool plugins that can add worthwhile functionality to such sites.
Introducing Geolocate My Posts
A brand new item on the WordPress.org repository is one such plugin.

Travel Bloggers: Geolocate Your Posts!

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WordPress Plugin Developers – Showcase Your Wares!

As you will already know if you’re a regular reader of my posts here on WPMU, I’ve rarely got a bad thing to say about free WordPress plugin developers. If it weren’t for these selfless folk, my blog would be a shell of its true self.

I also happen to be a big fan of irony, which is why I like the rather clumsily-named WPORG Repo Plugins…plugin. The idea of a plugin developer using a plugin to showcase their plugins amuses me. But then perhaps I am easily amused.

WordPress Plugin Developers - Showcase Your Wares!

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SlideDeck 2.1: Major (and Free!) Update Imminent

Back in March of this year, I reviewed SlideDeck. In short, I loved it, and had no hesitation in naming it the ultimate content slider plugin for WordPress.

Sure – there are plenty of content sliders out there (I swear a new plugin is released every bloody day), but as far as I am concerned, SlideDeck is the most stable and feature-packed of the lot.
Pricing Issues
At the time of the review, my only notable reservation was regarding the cost – with licenses starting at $79 f0r a single site.


SlideDeck 2.1: Major (and Free!) Update Imminent

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Pimp Out Your Dashboard With Blue Admin

Are you  little bored of WordPress’ standard gray backend UI? Linesh Jose was – so he did something about it.

To be honest, I am surprised there aren’t more WordPress “skins” on offer, but notwithstanding that, Blue Admin is a great offering. In principle, I’m not particularly enamored by the concept of a skin for the WordPress dashboard, but I must admit to being impressed by Blue Admin. It actually does a really nice job of presenting what we’re all used to in a fresh and attractive way.


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The Top WordPress Related Blogs On The Internet [WPMU 100, 2nd Edition]

Note: a much-improved third edition of this resource is now available — you can find it here.

It’s been nearly four months since the first WPMU 100 was released, and a lot has changed in the blogosphere since then.

I know this because I have spent the time between then and now trawling the web in an attempt to find every single quality WordPress related blog out there. The end result is a generous selection of new entries.

The Top WordPress Related Blogs On The Internet [WPMU 100, 2nd Edition]

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