Automate These 30 WordPress Tasks with IFTTT

IFTTT is a service that lets other services or software (like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ect.) talk to each and perform actions when certain things occur.

IFTTT literally stands for “if this then that,” and that’s a pretty good explanation of what it does.

For example, you can set up an IFTTT “recipe” (as they’re called) that goes something like this:

IF a new post is made on my WordPress blog THEN automatically tweet out a link to it on my Twitter account.

There are currently 108 different services or “channels” that you can hook up together. You can do all sorts of things from automatically saving your Instagram photos to Dropbox to automatically muting your phone’s ringer at bedtime.

As we’re obviously focused on WordPress here, we’ll go over 30 different recipes for WordPress and other services. These are just a sampling. You can go check out others or even make your own.




1. Add a new post on your site and a link to it automatically gets published on your page at Facebook. (see recipe)

2. Links posted to a Facebook page are posted to WordPress as posts. A reminder to visit the fan page is included. (see recipe)

3. Publish a photo on a Facebook page and it gets published to your WordPress site as a photo post along with the caption, and a link to the Facebook page. (see recipe)




4. When you create a new post on WordPress, a tweet is made on your account. (see recipe)

5. When you make a tweet on Twitter, it gets posted on your WordPress site and will include a link and even a photo. (see recipe)

6. Make a tweet with a specific hashtag, and a WordPress post will be created. (see recipe)



7. A new post on WordPress creates an email in Gmail with the post title, post URL, and post content. (You can set to send to specific Google+ Circles if you like. (see recipe)

8. Send an email in Gmail and have it post to your WordPress site. (see recipe)



9. Upload a new YouTube video and it gets posted to your WordPress site. (see recipe)

10. When you add a YouTube video to your favorites, a new post with the video is added to your site. (see recipe)



11. Add a new photo to Instagram and have it automatically posted to your site. (see recipe)

12. New Instagram photo with a specific tag gets posted to a specific WordPress category. (see recipe)

13. New Instagram videos get posted to WordPress. (see recipe)



14. New posts published to a WordPress blog get published to a Tumblr blog. (see recipe)

15. New posts published to Tumblr get published to WordPress. (see recipe)

16. Tumblr photo posts get posted to WordPress. (see recipe)




17. New WordPress posts get sent to Evernote. (see recipe)

18. Evernote shared link gets published as a WordPress post. (see recipe)



19. New SoundCloud tracks are posted to your site. (see recipe)

20. New favorite SoundCloud tracks get posted to WordPress. (see recipe)

21. New SoundCloud tracks posted by people you follow get published to WordPress. (see recipe)



22. New posts in WordPress create an update in LinkedIn. (see recipe)

23. New shares on LinkedIn create a new WordPress post. (see recipe)



24. New Flickr photo gets published to your site. (see recipe)

25. New Flickr sets get published to a WordPress photo post. (see recipe)

26. Post WordPress featured image to Flickr. (see recipe)

27. Favorite a Flickr photo and it gets published on WordPress. (see recipe)


Google Drive

28. Make a new post to WordPress and it gets posted to a new document in Google Drive. (see recipe)

29. New posts in WordPress have title, URL, tags, categories, and dates added to a spreadsheet in Google Drive. (see recipe)



30. Post an RSS feed to your site. (see recipe)


Comments (12)

    • jacob – Yes similar to Zapier. I believe IFTTT has been around even longer. Zapier has some free parts, but a lot of it is paid. I know, however, Zapier can do some things that IFTTT couldn’t (and maybe vice versa).

      Anyway, if they keep improving what they can do, paid is fine.

      • Yeah I was just reading a comparison review where they were saying how Zapier has “finally caught up” to IFTTT’s integration capabilities, though it seems that Zapier does connect quite few more services than IFTTT (how many of those are actually useful to a lot of people is another debate).

        One potential drawback of IFTTT is that you can only use one SAAS account of each brand within each IFTTT account, i.e. if, like me, you have a bunch of different Constant Contact accounts, once you use one in a recipe, you’d have to create another IFTTT account in order to use a different CC account for another recipe.

    • For some things you would need to, yes. For example, in order to post something to your site you would need to. If you’re posting things from your site to other places, however, then maybe not — it would probably just use your RSS feed. But then you would need to provide login info for those other places. But, of course, that’s how it should be. You wouldn’t want people to post things to your accounts without your login info.

  1. Been using IFTTT for around a year now and I cannot complain. Has made life easier enabling me to post valuable content to followers on auto. Great marketing tool for attracting followers, likes, favourites etc. Not a replacement for interaction though. Thanks Joe.