Show Only The Best Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard

PlugIntelligence provides an intelligent way to filter plugins in the dashboard
When searching for new plugins in the dashboard, it’s not easy to sort the results. You really need to search in a different window to adequately sort the plugins and get a better idea of how they stack up to each other in terms of rankings and reviews.

PlugIntelligence is a new plugin that gives you an intelligent way to filter plugins in the dashboard. Once installed you can use the settings panel to set minimum star ratings, minimum number of ratings and minimum tested versions:

PlugIntelligence Options Panel

The plugin currently includes the following options to filter plugins:

  • Minimum Rating : Do not show plugins with ratings below this value. 60 = 3 stars, 100 = 5 stars.
  • Maximum Rating : Do not show plugins with ratings above this value. 60 = 3 stars, 100 = 5 stars.
  • Minimum Number of Ratings : Do not show plugins with fewer than this number of ratings. Default: 2.
  • Minimum Tested Version : Do not show plugins that were not tested on this version of WordPress or higher. Default: 3.3.

PlugIntelligence essentially gives you the ability to raise the standard of plugins offered to you through the WordPress dashboard. Higher ratings and more people rating the plugin usually demonstrate that the plugin is safe and trusted by the community. Raising the bar on which plugins are shown to you will lessen the chance of you wasting time selecting and testing plugins that don’t work. Install PlugIntelligence today to start filtering out all of the low quality plugins.

photo credit: alicejamieson via photopin cc


Comments (5)

  1. A plugin to rank plugins – cool.
    trouble with the star rating is that it is often based on just a few results.
    I usually read the reviews and check how many support tickets have been answered to get a better feel for a plugin.

    I’ve also seen poor reviews of plugins that I rated highly.

    I guess it still provides a benchmark.
    Appreciate the review Sarah

    • I wholeheartedly agree. I think that Extend could use a community managed review team—maybe they already have moderators, but not something like this I have in mind.

      If enough are interested and remain active by contributing their thoughts, perhaps somehow a better curated directory would be made possible. As it is, I feel that themes and plugins are about as fragmented as the Android device and app market…which leaves much to desire for consistent functionality and quality.

      Although, I suppose such can be difficult to achieve with an open source community where anyone can create his/her own ‘master piece’ by writing a few lines of code and submitting it for enlistment. The work might be overwhelming for the pay off through accomplishment.

  2. This should be a part of WP core. It drives me balmy searching for plugins and having the results cluttered with ones that haven’t been updated in years or with poor ratings.

  3. Great find, Sarah! I’ve been pining for this functionality for several years, now, and finally found it, with your help. You nailed it spot-on… without this, you need (at least) a couple of browser windows to manage sort, selection & installation. Thanks!