50 Free Bold and Unique WordPress Themes

Let’s face it — many people don’t want bold and unique in their WordPress themes.

It’s like painting the walls in your house to look like loud Hawaiian shirts. You may like it, sure, but then the day comes when you have to sell. The real estate agent just shakes her head. This isn’t going to be easy. Prospect after prospect enters the house, and the first thing out of their mouths is, “What the …???”

But then one day, in walks Wally. Wally LOVES Hawaiian shirts. In fact, Wally is wearing an Hawaiian shirt that very day. Wally is also rich. Very rich.

Wally loves the house. He signs a contract right there on the spot.

Some of these themes below are a little like that. Some of them may make you literally flinch. If so, then so be it. You just happen not to be the Wally for that web design.

But keep looking. You never know. Your inner Wally may just find its perfect match.

Meanwhile, of course, the rest of us will be saying, “What the … ???”

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All of these themes are from the WordPress.org Theme Directory.

1. D5 Colorful – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


2. Travel Blogger – DEMO & DOWNLOAD



3. Cloudy Blue Sky – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


4. Matala – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


5. Desk Mess Mirrored – DEMO & DOWNLOAD



6. Distinction – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


7. Adventure Journal – DEMO & DOWNLOAD




9. Fresh Ink Magazine – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


10. SpringFestival – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


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11. Victorian Xmas  – DEMO & DOWNLOAD

12. Discussion – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


13. Rustic – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


14. Rainbow – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


15. Torn – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


16. Quick Vid – DEMO & DOWNLOAD

17. Big City – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


18. John Loan Pro – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


 19. Bouquet – DEMO & DOWNLOAD




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21. Modern Green Theme – DEMO & DOWNLOAD



22. Modularity Lite – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


23. My Zebra – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


24. Grass and Dew – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


25. Leathernote – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


26. FreeDream – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


27. Premium Modern Orange – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


28. Hanging – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


29. JohnLoan – DEMO & DOWNLOAD

30. The Vintage – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


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31. Pink and Purple – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


32. Greener Side – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


33. Ground Floor – DEMO & DOWNLOAD






35. Neuro – DEMO & DOWNLOAD



36. Futuristica – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


37. Nona – DEMO & DOWNLOAD



38. Ghostbird – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


39. Celine – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


40. Dusk Till Dawn – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


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41. Mt White – DEMO & DOWNLOAD



 42. Wolf – DEMO & DOWNLOAD



43. Atmospheric Augmentation – DEMO & DOWNLOAD

44. Sunny Blue Sky – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


45. Locket – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


46. Warm Home – DEMO & DOWNLOAD

47. My Depressive – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


48. Gears and Wood  – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


49. Citizen Journal – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


50. Pretty Theme  – DEMO & DOWNLOAD


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Comments (6)

  1. I have to disagree – Since I switched one of my blogs from “regular” design to Fresh Ink Magazine, traffic tripled and people are spending several times longer actually READING something, instead of just skimming. Some of these are quite eyesores, but then again who wants to look like their next door neighborgh anyways?