20 Compelling Statistics that Represent the Dominance of WordPress

20 Compelling Statistics that Represent the Dominance of WordPressThere is a reason why Lorelle on WordPress was 8th in our last WPMU 100 list. Not only is Lorelle a well-respected authority in the WordPress community, she also publishes great posts on her blog. Her most recent post particularly caught my eye, because I am a bit of a statistics geek.

You should of course visit Lorelle’s in-depth post for the full lowdown, but below is my own personal selection of the most fascinating numbers that she published.

WordPress and the World


The estimated percentage of all websites that run on WordPress as of 2011.


The percentage of the top million websites worldwide representing small, medium and big business that run on WordPress.

72.4 million

The number of websites that host a WordPress blog (including both WordPress.com and self-hosted).


The rough split between WordPress.com and self-hosted websites.


The percentage of active domains created in the USA that run on WordPress.



The number of WordPress version releases since its inception.


The number of times that WordPress 3.3 has been downloaded (this is an increase of more than 600,000 since Lorelle’s post was published on 29th March).

2 days

The time it took for WordPress 3.3 to reach 1 million downloads after its launch.

65 million

The number of times that WordPress has been downloaded since the release of version 3 in June 2010.

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32 million

The estimated number of sites that run on WordPress.com’s single installation of WordPress MultiSite.


The number of theme switches on WordPress.com sites every week.

352 million

The number of people who view over 2.5 million pages on WordPress.com every month.


The number of new posts that are published on WordPress.com every day.


The number of different languages that WordPress.com sites are published in.


The number of YouTube videos that were hosted on WordPress.com sites in March.

Working with WordPress

$30 Million

The estimated value of WordPress-related projects in 2012


The anticipated growth of WordPress-related projects over the next 2 years.


The number of WordPress developers listed on freelancer.com alone.


The median hourly rate of a WordPress project.


The average salary for a WordPress “job”.

Next Up – World Domination

There you have it folks – WordPress truly is a force to be reckoned with, and its growth shows no sign of slowing down.

All credit goes to Lorelle for curating the above statistics – if you found this post interesting, you will find hers fascinating. Check it out here.

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