BuddyPress 1.0 due February 12th!

Just in time for Valentines day, BuddyPress 1.0 is scheduled for release on Feb 12th (according to this wordpress.tv post and video, video also below).

Here’s the biggie though… are you planning on using it?

And what impact do you think it’ll have on interest in and use of MU?

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  1. I do intend to install it at Talk Islam (.info) once it’s a stable 1.0. My main interest is the extended profiles and private messaging modules for starters, though I will gradually activate more and more. The trick for me is integrating BP functionality into my prologue main theme. A lot of learning curve ahead!

  2. I absolutely will be using it. It basically does everything I needed WordPress.org/bbPress.org to do. I’ve spent the greater part of a year with plug-ins and hacks to try and match BuddyPress.org functionality, and it just doesn’t compare.

    I’m also really happy that there is an alternative to the subdomain option, since many public hosts don’t like normal user guys diving into that side of things.

    Like anything, there are a few things that I am critical of BuddyPress about, but at pre-release 1.0 I am just happy that it’s working. :)

  3. My initial take was excitement, turned in to a bit of disappointment…

    Here’s what I don’t understand. With WP 2.7, the guys at Automattic have done one heck of a job making the backend as slick as possible. I love the new interface and now enjoy my blogging experience that much more. When I loaded up BuddyPress, my first question was, Where did my blog go?

    I feel like the projects go in two completely different directions. BuddyPress a social networking site, that to be honest, is still far inferior to others, with some blogging on the side.

    Why do you think the guys didn’t add messaging and the like to the backend of wordpress, instead of high-jacking my platform? I was under the impression that this was going to integrate as some sort of author profile page with a wall, twitter, messaging, etc.

    I mean the ui for buddypress is stellar, but in my opinion it still has a ways to go.