BuddyPress Activity Plus 1.2 Released with Integration for Group Documents

BuddyPress Activity Plus is a popular, highly-rated plugin on wordpress.org with nearly 12,000 downloads. It’s an absolute must-have plugin for any BuddyPress community, making the activity stream much more interactive by adding a user-friendly interface for posting multimedia updates.

Based on user feedback, we’ve updated the plugin to include a few more enhancements and features:

  • Improvement: Clearer display of cancel button vs. old ‘X’ icon
  • Enhancement: Progress indicator for file uploads
  • Enhancement: Integration with the Group Documents – When the Group Documents plugin is installed, a new document icon appears allowing for document uploads to be attached to groups

Go download BuddyPress Activity Plus version 1.2 to take advantage of all the new features!

Comments (5)

  1. I love this plugin! But I’m having a problem with the videos. When you post a link it shows fine in preview and after submitting. But once the page is refresh it shows 2 copies of the video in the same post and some embed html. This started after upgrading to BP 1.5 and I’m using the newest activity+ version.

  2. Hi,

    Nice work! Only issue I have is with the links preview … in most cases no thumbnail is pulled and when that happens the choice of thumbnails is mostly really weird …

    Can you please offer a solution?