BuddyPress Classifieds Component Now Available

Exciting BuddyPress news yesterday is that the eagerly awaited Classifieds component has been released. Current requirements for the plugin are BuddyPress 1.2 and WPMU. The component will be available for use with WordPress single user when WP 3.0 is released with custom post type functions. The classifieds are stored as blog posts. Of course I had to test it out right away. :)


How to Install BuddyPress Classifieds

1. Make sure you have WPMU and BuddyPress 1.2 beta installed.

2. Download BuddyPress Classifieds and upload buddypress-classifieds directory to the wp-content/plugins folder.

3. Move the buddypress-classifieds/theme/classifieds directory to the same directory as your current theme.

4. Activate the plugin sitewide.

5. Create a new WPMU blog where the data will be stored. (This blog cannot be called ‘classifieds’).

6. If you want to have Categories enabled, simply add categories to your newly created blog.

7. Access your main blog. Under Admin > Blogs, edit the newly created blog and set the Public setting to “NO” (this is for removing the blog from the BuddyPress search results).

8. Configure the settings at BuddyPress >> Classifieds

If you want precise control for each of your blogs’ roles, activate (sitewide) the plugin BuddyPress Classifieds Roles & Capabilities, which is included with the main plugin. I experienced a few bumps in the road when it came to activating the Roles and Capabilities. Though the BuddyPress Classifieds plugin is still a little rough around the edges, I thought it was important to get the word out that the beta is here so that interested parties can help it gain momentum. I’m sure everything will be smoothed out as more users begin testing and modifying the plugin. It’s very exciting to know that Classifieds functionality is available to BuddyPress, with the ability to sort the listings by tags. Many thanks to Gordie Breant for this excellent addition, and I’m certain he’d appreciate your testing and feedback. Support for the plugin is available at its dedicated forum.

Comments (22)

  1. I’m torn between using this plugin and doing what http://h-mag.com did with their classifieds — modding the BP Events plugin to build in some classifieds fields. While I like how this version is 1.2 friendly and has things like breadcrumbs and tags, l miss having images in the listings

  2. Ted;
    I’m the plugin author.
    I know, I miss having pictures too…

    The reason I didn’t include this functionnality yet is that I’m waiting to find a good way to handle it.
    As classifieds are stored as blog posts; I would like to be able to upload directly images into the wordpress media library.

    I really would like to add the WP build-in “media uploader” to make this but I didn’t find a way to include it outside the dashboard.

    If you have any idea about this, please open a topic on the forum !

  3. The ability to upload images is great, Gordie, but the workflow is a little confusing. When you upload using the core WP uploader, it’s not clear what to do. I ended up just closing the little uploader window, and the image had uploaded properly, but it would be nice if you could click on a button to confirm the photo (and close the window).

    Just my $.02

    Also, what’s with the map option? Is that something you’re still working on?

  4. Ok thanks for your reply.
    I’ll try to see if something could be clearer.

    But I really would like to continue using the core uploader as i can be sure it should work even in further versions; it’s works very well (pictures informations, pictures edition, etc) and, even better than all that, I don’t need to spend 2 weeks to write my own picture management system.

    The map option is an option to be able to set a marker on a map to locate the classified, but the classifieds map plugin still has some bugs. I’m currently rewriting some parts of it.

    Well, if you have others comments please post them on the plugin’s forum !


  5. Has anyone gotten this to work for all users on a WPMU/BuddyPress site? We’ve gotten it to work, but only for the Site Admin. Everyone else sees this error msg: “Sorry but you can’t view the classifieds.”… or something to that effect. Tried using the Roles and Capabilities Plugin also… no dice. We’ve tried a fresh re-install of the plugin as well, to make sure all directions were followed. Again… all features of the Classifieds Directory work for the Site Admin… nothing but the error message works for anyone else.

  6. @Ted

    The functions of the plugin looks great. I played around with it a little, but didnt find a way to restrict certain users of posting classified ads.

    Is there a way to do that? Some how control which users (roles) post or have only admin approve (even better, paypal integration?) :)

  7. Hello !

    Thanks for this plugin !

    I’ve the same problem as @Benjamin Zalasky : Public visitor and admin can view the classifieds but members can’t…

    Has anyone found a solution to fix this issue?

    @Gordie :

    Could you please explain me, step by step, how to make roles&cabapilities work with your plugin ?



  8. I’m also having the same problems as the people above. This plugin is awesome if it wasn’t for this dang issue. I’ll keep messing with it and hopefully will figure it out.

    If I do, I’ll post here to let everyone know.