BuddyPress Gallery Plugin Allows Users to Easily Upload Images

Are you in search of a photo gallery plugin for BuddyPress? After hearing a few horror stories of server crashes when using various gallery plugins currently available, we’d like to review the bpPicture Album plugin, which was built specifically for BuddyPress. Manoj Kumar is the author of the plugin and it is in consideration for the official gallery component of future releases of BuddyPress.

I downloaded the bpPicture Album plugin version 0.1.1 from the WordPress plugin repository and installed it with WPMU and BuddyPress 1.1.3. My experience with the installation was flawless and everything worked immediately except the picture wire.


Quick 2 Minute Installation:

1. Download the plugin and upload it to the /plugins directory.

2. Activate the Plugin.

3. Move the “album” directory out of /bppicture-album/ and place it into /bp-sn-parent/. It should be on the same level with the /activity and /profile directories.


This is the error I get where there should be a picture wire:

Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /home/mycpanelusername/public_html/mydomain.com/mysubdirectory/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-wire/bp-wire-templatetags.php on line 26

This is due to the bp_picture_wire table in the database being empty … It looks like this empty table is on purpose for the time being, but I’d rather it not throw an error. ;)

I would sincerely like to see this plugin succeed, as I believe its positive aspects far outweigh its present drawbacks. Gallery functionality is a necessary feature for most of the social networks currently operating on BuddyPress and I hope that others will get involved in contributing to the development of this plugin. It’s probably difficult for the developer to keep up with all the changes that BuddyPress is going through, so I’m sure he’d appreciate your support and feedback. You can read more about this plugin at Manoj Kumar’s homepage for bpPicture Album.

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    Hi Sarah,
    I love all the great tutorials that you include on here. I had Manoj help me install this six months ago but the one worry that existed around there was that his plugin was NOT going to be able to be converted to whatever gallery made it into the core. His gallery is definitely great and the only thing that it lacked is audio/video. Buddydev.com has Brajesh working on one that’s close that will also include audio and videos.

    Can you tell us what other galleries might be candidates for the official gallery moving forward?


    Another great suggestion. I installed this plugin a couple of weeks back and agree that it is a must have. I haven’t tested the wire yet, but am glad to know that it isn’t working now.

    I agree that the addition of audio and video would be nice.

    One other thing I would like to see added is integration with Jeff Sayre’s BuddyPress Privacy Component (much in the same way Paul Gibbs Achievement’s plugin for buddypress is hooks into it quite nicely.)

    At current, there doesn’t seem to be a way for users to make their pictures viewable by just friends, or “only me.” In the meantime I tweaked the code to display a message saying: “WARNING: All uploaded photos are public and cannot not be made private at this time. So only upload photos you don’t mind anyone being able to see.”

    If video and audio are added, the same privacy settings should be made available for them as well. Lastly, users should not only be able to upload video, but link to videos on video hosting services like YouTube via the video ids.

    Again, great plugin! :)


    Thanks for this little turorial. I installed this plugin and now i’m searching for an answer for this problem. (Cannot access empty property in /home/mycpanelusername/public_html/mydomain.com/mysubdirectory/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-wire/bp-wire-templatetags.php on line 26).
    I think it be associated with the newer bbuddypress version. Anybody with an answer here???

    Thanks a lot


    Hi Sarah!

    You´ve wrote:
    > Manoj Kumar is the author of the plugin
    > and it is in consideration for the official gallery component
    > of future releases of BuddyPress.

    Have you any reliable sources for your statement?

    Thank you a lot for writing this! ;)

    Regards, Jens


    Hi sarah, Is this this plugin can installed in any wordprees version and themes
    I used WordPress 2.9.1, sorry because I am new and I dont know much about WP

    Brian Katz

    No matter what I do, when I try to upload a pic from the blog profile page I get this error:

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /Library/WebServer/Documents/GatoBloggo/wp-content/plugins/bppicture-album/bp-album.php on line 320

    In addition, no matter what I do, the theme does not show up in my WordPress admin. I moved the “album” folder to the correct directory… regardless I don’t know if I need to activate that theme. I really just want to use what seems like an amazing plugin! And can’t cos if this error.

    I’m using WPMU 2.8.6 and BuddyPress 1.1

    Blog de Jon

    Well, please consider an additional description in your 3rd point:

    “Move the “album” directory out of /bppicture-album/ and place it into /bp-sn-parent/”


    “Move the “album” directory out of /bppicture-album/ and place it into /bp-sn-parent/ or the parent of your current buddypress theme.”

    For me it’s working w/o issues till now


    I just installed this on a 1.2rc2 buddypress install with wpmu 2.9.1. and I get the following error when I go to my site now.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_core_add_subnav_item() in /home/sharepoi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bppicture-album/bp-album.php on line 148

    Can’t even get into the admin anymore. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix it?


    wanted to start a modeling website using wordpress mu and buddypress. did the whole setup and everything else, but now the major problem…. there is NO album plugin for buddypress……. oh god. Don’t know what to do now :(

    This plugin doesnt works anymore with the new version of buddypress.

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