BuddyPress Photos+Tags Plugin Gives Your Community Friend Tagging in Photos, Just Like Facebook

Hot off of development, BuddyPress Photos+tags is a great new plugin that hooks up your BuddyPress community with the same photo-tagging feature enjoyed by more than 750 million happy Facebook users.

After you install this plugin, users can tag their friends and drive more friendly traffic to your community. As a member is tagged, it will show up in the activity stream and he will also receive a notification. This is a very organic way to boost your traffic and gives your users another way to interact with each other.

Tagging a photo happens in much the same way that it happens on Facebook. Simply click anywhere in the image to tag another user.

Here’s what a tagged photo looks like in the activity stream:

When dealing with personal media such as photos, privacy controls are very important to users. BuddyPress Photos+tags is excellent in that it includes individual photo privacy settings, which users can select as they upload photos. Photos can be set as viewable to the Public, Registered Members, Friends Only, or Private.

Since this is an early release version, plugin author Jesse LaReaux recommends testing it extensively before using it on a production site. I performed a few quick tests of the plugin last night and didn’t experience any problems with it, so there’s no cause for alarm. Another piece of good news is that it’s also compatible with WordPress multisite.

The BuddyPress Photos + Tags plugin is more evidence to the fact that you can customize a community and own your own data, without having to sacrifice all the exciting features that users enjoy in other social network. Download BuddyPress Photos+tags for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

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    • Seems that you’re in my same situation, and what you need is a flash client-side-resize uploader. That way your uploader converts the size and weight of the files the user wants to upload consuming the user’s own machine resources and uploads the smaller files to your server (saving also bandwith, etc).

      I opted for the premium plugin at WPMUDEV (BP GALLERY) http://buddydev.com/buddypress-1-5-compatibility/ wich also works with BP 1.5.

      Nevertheless I had to tweak the ActionScript code for the uploader to avoid uploading the original file (I don’t know why it did that) but appart from that you save all the server-side resource consumption :)

      Hope that helps!

  1. I’ve got some problems with this plugin…

    When I activate that, and try to upload some picture, it shows me the following error:

    Your upload failed, please try again. Error was: Could not create directory /home/derekmelo/www//home/derekmelo/www/wp-content/uploads/album/1. The parent directory is writable by the server?

    I already setup the files permissions to 777…

    Someone has any idea of what I can do to fix this?


    Derek Melo

  2. Hi there,

    The plugin is great. I have a fault. When I click on answers and wants to send the answer then I will refer to a 404 page. The page was not found. I use a premium theme and maybe that’s it. Would anyone have a solution for me? Could someone adapt to pay the plugin?

    Thank u