BuddyPress Themes and Plugins

Update – We’ve just released three amazing new BuddyPress Themes – click here to check them out.

We’re keen on BuddyPress over here, and we’d like to enhance your WordPress MU / BuddyPress experience by supplying you with a few themes and plugins both for free on WPMU DEV and for you premium users on WPMU DEV Premium.


But… we need your assistance, or, to be more accurate, your specifications :)

What style of BuddyPress themes would you like us to make for you?

What plugins would you like us to put together?

To let us know please just write up a post / tweet / whatever your fancy is and link to this post either as ‘buddypress plugins’ or ‘buddypress themes’ (or both, if you’re asking for both!)

If pingbacks fail just manually add your request in the comments.

We’re quite serious here – here’s a good chance to get some custom Incsub development for the price of a post!

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    This is exciting James! I will come up with a few things myself and link here :)


    Thanks Trent! Needless to say we’re asking for people to post and link because they can describe / demonstrate far better what they are after in their posts… sure there might be some, ahem, other benefits too but that’s by-the-by :)


    I would very much like to see a drag and drop style of a theme for Buddypress, so that we can drag things into our own corner or our selected groups and activities, etc. It would also be nice if these items can be tag based, so that we can which groups, activities and wires occupy most of our world and time.

    So, it will be a “Me” section and a “My World” section, with drag and drop capabilities expandable by tags. Does it make sense?


    Joss Winn
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    A plugin to allow a user to export their BuddyPress profile in a number of formats. We’re using BP in our university and the extended BP profiles could be a way for students to maintain a resume. However, currently there’s that data isn’t portable. BP could then be used as a pretty nice e-portfolio with portable blog and profile.


    hy BP Creator’s.

    I’ll like to see a Home theme ‘closer’ to the Nelo/triden etc,
    where to move around the things (is that drag’n drop?:) and
    to chance Colors, in bars widget head, bg etc.
    Thereon BP would be a new standard
    PS also some nice packed useful(aka idiot proof -me-)info in how to do the above would be very nice, and if you put in on Premium please be quick, my subscription is expiring! :)

    bythw many many thank for all the *new* you’re delivering to us.


    Hi, I hope there could be some member’s profile tag function to mark members profile. Then if I click the tag, I will be able to know all the existing members related to this tag. For example, a tag of “IT”.


    Besides, it’s better to include the invitation plugin in the combo.

    Gunnar Lindberg Årneby

    Plugin-wise I’m still looking for a good solution to promote the users to interact with each other and the content. Like giving thumbs up/down, review stuff & son on. A points system where the admin decides what action deserves what reward.


    This is very good to know about this service…I’d list some request for some plugins.
    what’s the site twitter name?


    Also I’d like to see more member themes feel like Facebook … and Chat-online plugin & video plugin?

    Ben West

    I’d love to see an implementation of OpenID/Facebook connect.


    What buddypress needs is a home-theme with huge “sign up”-image look. And a membertheme that is’nt so cramed into eachother.. Something that use both left and right. And not three sidebars in a row on the left side.

    Roberto Verli

    I would like to see users to be able to “mark” posts and everything possible as “favorites” and share it within the buddypress network with other users, like on their profile page (for example)


    Would like to see more flexibility in the profiles. An ability to allow a user to register as different types of user with different allowances. For example, if running a site for younger generation, allow them to register as a user, but have another profile regsitration for parents who are automatically connected to the users profile (maybe selecting their name in a drop down e.g. list of members names not usernames) by way of friend.

    This would allow far more flexibility over users and what BP could be used for.


    The current standard themes take too much horizontal space, using the 3 columns, of which the first 2 could easily be combined and narrowed, leaving more space for the real content?

    So, a reshuffling of the currently available layouts would be a good start.

    Some plugins could include: invite-a-friend, image galleries?

    Thanks, cheers, Harry


    I think the feature of a gallery which I know is going to be include already is a good deal, but what would be nice is the incorporation of ad plugins like in the premium section. there are a lot of innovative plugins and themes already that would greatly enhance a site centered around using the buddypress plugin concepts.


    I LOOOVE how clean the BP theme is — you’ve solved so many problems for me!
    But…could there be added:
    Support link within the theme (for those using the premium plugin).
    Ability for user to edit their own CSS to adjust theme as necessary (like Myspace).
    The static pages able to drag and drop onto the main page.
    Show status updates immediately — like on FB or Myspace in search.
    Built-in embedding video capability (able to be turned on/off by admin on a per blog basis or by subscription/sponsor).


    I am looking for :P :
    – photo/image/video/audio galleries…with personal folders(password protected…) feature
    – live chat
    – event calendar + holidays
    – FAQ + e-consultancy
    – paid membership + option to buy points which can be used to add additional features to your account (recieving points for e.x. inviting friends)
    – “blogroll” – links sharing
    – personal advertising (e.x. I would like to sell old cassete recorder…)
    – something like business cards showcase

    THX ;)


    I like JohnnyPea request maybe a plugin for better group of friends like real friends,co-workers & mutual friends and general friends.
    Just like Facebook.


    A way to make buddypress work across domains
    Is it already possible?