BuddyPress Showcase

13 Shining Examples of BuddyPress in the Wild

It’s amazing how many different and unique ways people are putting BuddyPress social networking to use for their community websites. In these examples you will see people from all over the globe connecting on mutual interests, including sports, spirituality, fundraising, beer, education, music, and more. Check out a few of these sites to find some inspiration for using BuddyPress to connect people across the globe in new ways.
Venture Capital for Africa

Hoboken Mommies



Worship Ministry

Feel the Yarn



Beer Credits


Mac Miller




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BuddyPress Showcase: 12 Unique and Inspirational Sites

Want to see what designers and developers are doing with BuddyPress these days? Here’s another installation of our BuddyPress eye candy series, featuring a few of the latest communities with uniquely customized themes. Newcomers to BuddyPress always have questions about how flexible the platform is for theming. If you’re wondering what’s possible with BuddyPress, just check out a few of these sites for a bit of inspiration.

Love This Tune
Love This Tune is a community for people who love music videos. At this site users can watch thousands of music videos online for free.



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BuddyPress Showcase Site BP Inspire Gets an Awesome Redesign

BP Inspire is a great website to visit for getting inspiration for your next BuddyPress project. You’ll be amazed at the wide range of possibilities with BuddyPress. Besides examples of BuddyPress sites, you can also find galleries of both paid and free BuddyPress themes.

Recently the BP Inspire site has undergone a complete redesign and they’re sporting a totally new look:

Here’s what’s new…

Showcase sites will now have the developers details displayed alongside
Simpler design allows for easier voting & sharing


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BuddyPress Showcase: 17 New Niche Social Networks

It’s time for another round of BuddyPress eye candy! Now that WordPress 3.0 is here more users are becoming acquainted with the myriad of possibilities that the WordPress platform affords, not only for multisite blogging functionality, but also social networking in a box with the help of BuddyPress. As the BuddyPress user base expands, we are seeing more and more unique customizations of the basic platform. Grab a cup of coffee and sit back and be inspired. Explore BuddyPress at its best!

Food Network Humor




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The BuddyPress Magazine Theme

Christmas has come nice and early this year for WPMU DEV members, with this fabulous new BuddyPress Magazine Theme – released today!

Here’s a small selection of features:

Post images without the need for custom fields, or any fancy stuff whatsoever – The theme simply grabs images from posts and uses them throughout the site.
There’s even a variable size options for the front page and if an image isn’t big enough it simply repeats the image.

An insanely hip magazine theme for BuddyPress

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