BuddyPress Plugins

Chat Updates Make WP a Fully-Functional Live Platform

Our developers are always working hard to improve our plugins, and today we’re super excited to announce HUGE updates to our Chat plugin.

Since we last updated you on Chat’s features, the plugin now includes the ability to control where chats appear, full BuddyPress integration, significant front-end display improvements, chat logs displayed on the front-end (helping SEO!), specific bottom corner chat features and some very important under-the-hood improvements.

Chat plugin by WPMU DEV

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Create a Dropbox Clone with BuddyPress and BuddyDrive

DropBox has exploded in popularity, offering users the ability to put their files in the cloud and share them with other DropBox users, where everyone can download, access and edit them on the go. Now you can harness this same kind of file-sharing power for your own BuddyPress site, with your very own file upload, management and sharing system.

Introducing BuddyDrive, a free plugin that lets you turn your BuddyPress site into a powerful cooperative community.

Effective team collaboration with BuddyPress


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Add Privacy Controls To The BuddyPress Activity Stream

New BuddyPress plugins are being released just about every day, and once in awhile there’s one that stands out with the potential to be universally useful. That’s the case with the new BuddyPress Activity Privacy plugin. It gives users the ability to restrict who can see their activity posts.

Once installed and activated, BuddyPress Activity Privacy adds the following privacy controls to the post update box for members:

Logged In Users
My Friends
Admin Only
Only Me


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Get A Curated List of BuddyPress Plugins In Your Dashboard

BuddyPress now has 468 plugins listed as extensions for the platform. How would you ever know which ones are quality and which are no good if you’re a new to BuddyPress? You could spend hours researching all the options, reviews, support forums, installing and testing. Or, you could get some advice.
Get A Curated List of The Best BuddyPress Plugins From WordPress.org


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Add Personalized Messages To BuddyPress Friend Requests

Today’s tip is something that could benefit friendship interactions in any BuddyPress community. Just last week, BuddyPress developer Brajesh Singh released a new plugin. The BuddyPress Extended Friendship Request plugin takes friendship requests to the next level by supplementing the “Add Friend” button with a bit of personalization.

Once installed, this plugin causes a click on the “Add Friend” button to pop up a little message window, enabling a user to send a message along with the friendship request.

Here’s a screenshot of the plugin in action:


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New Plugin Adds Like and Dislike Buttons To BuddyPress Activity Stream

Liking is a feature that became wildly popular on Facebook as soon as it was introduced. BuddyPress does not have this ability built in, so if you want to add likes you will need to add a suitable BuddyPress plugin. The BuddyPress Like plugin is a common choice. However, if you want to add both Likes and Dislikes, you may want to consider the new BuddyPress Like Dislike plugin. It is a modification of Alex Hempton-Smith’s BP Like plugin.


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Add Attachments to BuddyPress Private Messages

Want BuddyPress private messages to work a little more like email? BuddyPress Message Attachment is a new plugin that gives your community members the ability to attach files to private messages. The plugin’s settings page lets site administrators customize the allowed file types for the attachments as well as the maximum size.

Here’s what your messaging compose screen will look like with attachments allowed:

Attachments are then shown on the recipient’s message screen:


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How to Tackle Spam With The BuddyPress Spam Link Plugin

BuddyPress spam is a perennial problem that can negatively affect your social network. At times it can seem like weeds taking over your beautiful garden. Everyone knows what it’s like to receive spam emails but when your members begin receiving spam messages through your community, they may feel as though their profile, participation and experiences are not secure. That is why, when building a community, it’s important to maintain good spam protection; a spam-free experience produces subtle confidence that will keep your users returning.


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