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How to Tackle Spam With The BuddyPress Spam Link Plugin

BuddyPress spam is a perennial problem that can negatively affect your social network. At times it can seem like weeds taking over your beautiful garden. Everyone knows what it’s like to receive spam emails but when your members begin receiving spam messages through your community, they may feel as though their profile, participation and experiences are not secure. That is why, when building a community, it’s important to maintain good spam protection; a spam-free experience produces subtle confidence that will keep your users returning.


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Display BuddyPress Content Anywhere with This Simple ShortCode Plugin

Want more control over how to display the content on your BuddyPress site?

Now you can show BuddyPress content anywhere on your site using simple shortcodes. Bowe Codes is a free plugin that allows BuddyPress users to display BuddyPress content wherever they can copy and paste a shortCode.

Bowe Codes currently has ten available ShortCodes :

Member / Members
Group / Groups
My Friends / My Groups
My Messages
Multisite Blogs / Multisite Posts


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Add Birthdate, Email and URL Fields to BuddyPress Profiles

Up until now there really was no easy way to add birthdate or datepicker type fields to BuddyPress profiles, though this is a very common question to include in a social networking profile. The included date of birth field type in this plugin is just overall better than the default BuddyPress date selector, which includes future years. The BuddyPress core wasn’t meant to have everything and that’s why the community has made some very cool plugins to extend the platform.


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Free Community Version of BuddyPress Links Now Available

BuddyPress Links is a commercial add-on that expands how your BuddyPress community interacts around links and shared content. Marshall Sorenson, the plugin’s developer, promised that he would re-release a free version of Links with some of the advanced features stripped out if he were able to cover the cost of development.

The BuddyPress Links community version is now available in the WordPress repository and updated to support BuddyPress 1.6.


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Tweak BuddyPress with the New Extended Settings Plugin

The new BuddyPress Extended Settings plugin is very useful for admins who don’t want to have to add a bunch of plugins and code snippets for certain small community-related tweaks. It adds a new tab to the BuddyPress menu that includes an easy way to put profiles on the root, show the profile tab as default, allow special characters and uppercase letter in usernames, disable customer header, control avatar sizes, etc.


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How to Create a Professional Networking Site With WordPress and BuddyPress

A professional networking site has different requirements than your standard personal social networking site. The style of interaction is entirely different. Social networking sites that focus on sharing one’s personal life tend to be based on more casual relationships between people and usually include a less formal approach to the presentation of one’s profile and activity. Professional networking sites, however, often have similar features to non-professional networking sites but the user’s approach is entirely different and sharing is much more intentional. As a result, professional networking sites often have a greater struggle with getting users to share and interact with each other’s content.


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Display BuddyPress Members Who Have Uploaded an Avatar

The BuddyPress recent members widget doesn’t bother to check if a user has uploaded an avatar. Some BuddyPress site admins would prefer not to show any users who are still using the generic mystery man avatar. You can get more control over your widget display by using a plugin that checks for avatars specifically. BuddyPress Members With Uploaded Avatars Widget is a free plugin from BuddyPress developer Brajesh Singh of BuddyDev.com. This widget lets you showcase a list of members who have uploaded an avatar recently or changed their photos.


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Planning and Building an Intranet with WordPress

Ah, the Intranet. Long hailed as the red-headed step child of web portals, Intranet’s are increasingly becoming more sophisticated as companies realize the true potential of a well-designed central hub to share, collaborate, reference company and client information, and even manage projects and track time.

While there’s no shortage of hosted Intranet solutions on the market, fortunately for the WordPress inclined a plethora of themes, widgets and plugins are available whether you’re looking to build an Intranet for 5 employees or 500.


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Add Resume Pages to BuddyPress Profiles

If you’re running a BuddyPress social network that has anything to do with human resources or professional networking, you’ll want to check out the new BP Resume Page plugin. It gives you members the ability to add online resumes within their BuddyPress profiles, including “Education”, “Professional Experience”, and “Skills”.

Here’s what other members see when they visit a user’s resume page:

Resume fields can be filled out by visiting the “Add” tab:


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