BuddyPress Plugins

New Features Coming to BuddyPress Checkins Plugin

Last month we let you know that the new BuddyPress Location Checkins plugin is now in beta. If you’ve been following this plugin’s progress, you’ll be happy to know that imath has added BP Checkins to the WordPress repository, in anticipation of some exciting new features, including:

The ability to add photos to checkins
Community Places – an area to share the places you like and have checked in
Foursquare API – members will be able to authorize BP Checkins to get their foursquare checkins

Here’s a teaser of what you can expect in the next version:


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Redirect BuddyPress Users After Login

By default members of a BuddyPress site are redirected to the home page after logging in. BuddyPress Login Redirect is a simple plugin that lets you change this. Currently you can select from three different locations to redirect:

Personal Profile / Personal Activity
Site Wide Activity
Friends’ Activity

If you don’t want to show your homepage to logged in users then you’re better off using BP Profile as Homepage instead. The BuddyPress Login Redirect plugin is more suitable if you want to redirect to one of the three options above. Download it for free from the WordPress plugin repository.


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Allow Members to Create Portfolios in BuddyPress

BuddyPress Portfolio is an exciting new plugin that allows members to create their own simple portfolios within your community. It can be used to create a set of projects, ie; IT projects, knitting, recipes, designs, scholarship, awards, past achievements – you name it. It’s quite versatile and can be re-purposed for non-portfolio style use.

This is a really cool idea for showcasing your members’ many talents. It also helps your users get acquainted with one another’s interests and abilities. Members can explore each other’s projects which are listed in the sitewide project directory:


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BuddyPress My Moods Plugin Adds Moods and Smileys to Status Updates

Want a fun way to get members interacting more on your BuddyPress site? BuddyPress MyMood is a new plugin that lets members post moods and smileys with status updates on profiles and group pages.

Posted moods then show up in the activity stream where other users can comment on them:

A user’s most recent mood post shows up in the profile header above the most recent status update.

One great feature of this plugin is that it is entirely customizable through the dashboard, should you wish to change or remove any of the moods in the dropdown list.


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The BuddyPress Gifts Plugin Has Been Adopted!

The former developer of the BuddyPress Gifts Plugin abandoned it some time ago. This is always sad but understandable when a developer doesn’t have time to commit to his plugin anymore. I’m happy to report that BuddyPress Gifts has been adopted and the new developer is calling it BuddyPress Gifts Rebirth. This is a very cool plugin that allows members of your BuddyPress site to send each other “gifts”. Administrators can upload, delete and edit gifts from the dashboard, making them entirely customizable.


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Get More Flexibility with BuddyPress Extend Widgets

Without the help of plugins and/or custom theming, there’s not a lot of flexibility with WordPress sidebars. When you’re working with BuddyPress, a set sidebar may not always be the best choice for use sitewide with your various components. BuddyPress developer @slaFFik has released a new plugin that aims to give you more flexibility in widget display, whether it’s in your sidebar or footer or any other widgetized area.


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Get Stats for BuddyPress Components Usage

Getting information about how your BuddyPress users are interacting with the community can be very useful in relationship to your development goals. It’s also especially important if you’re trying to strategize ways to monetize your BuddyPress site.

BuddyPress Component Stats is a new plugin that can help you start collecting some valuable information. It gathers statistics about the users who interact on your social network and classifies them according to the main components of Buddypress (Forums, Groups, Blogs, Activity, Friends, etc.).

You can also conveniently export the records found to PDF and XLS formats for use within other applications.


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Kickstart Cash Flow With the New Fundraising Plugin For WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress

Are you trying to raise money to build a children’s hospital, fund a missionary, save the whales, or start a social movement? Whatever your cause may be, we have something that can help you reduce the stress of trying to bring in funds. Say hello to our new Fundraising plugin, a powerful and adaptive open-source solution for organizing fundraisers and donations.


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Add Breadcrumbs Everywhere within BuddyPress

BuddyPress doesn’t have enough breadcrumbs! Want to improve navigation within your community? Breadcrumbs Everywhere is a plugin that will add breadcrumb trail navigation within BuddyPress components.

Here’s what it looks like on member pages:

Here’s an example of breadcrumbs on the group pages:

The plugin includes a few admin options for changing the text for the home link, blog link and the breadcrumb divider:


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