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JigoShop for BuddyPress Brings E-Commerce to Social Networking

There are many e-commerce plugins out there that claim BuddyPress compatibility, but most do not fully integrate with the platform. The free JigoShop plugin now has full integration with BuddyPress with the help of Themekraft’s new plugin: JigoShop for BuddyPress. It’s a brand new option for setting your store inside of your social network.

What does JigoShop for BuddyPress do in a nutshell?
This plugin integrates your Jigoshop e-commerce store with your BuddyPress social network and user profile pages. Checkout, member data and payment history is available in the user’s profile, as you might expect for a BuddyPress-integrated store.


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Add Additional Fields to BuddyPress Group Pages

BuddyPress Group Plus is a new plugin that allows you to expand your BuddyPress group pages with more information. It offers two additional/optional fields for your BuddyPress groups:

New field allows groups to link to an external website
Ability to add an extra field that you define

Here’s a screenshot of an example of how this would appear on the group creation page:

The information from the new fields is then added to the group’s header:

Group admins are able to edit the details:


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Add a Profile Menu to BuddyPress Navigation

BuddyPress plugin developer modemlooper has released a quick and helpful plugin that will add a Profile tab to the end of the main BuddyPress navigation. BuddyPress Profile Menu enables logged in users to have easy access to profile-related links.

If you’ve turned off the WordPress admin bar, this menu is especially useful for retaining member access to profile links. It was designed to work with BuddyPress 1.5+ and the BP default theme.

Download BuddyPress Profile Menu from the WordPress plugin repository.


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BuddyPress Welcome Pack 3.0 Released to the World!

Paul Gibbs, BuddyPress core developer and all-round-awesome-guy, has released BuddyPress Welcome Pack 3.0.

Welcome Pack is a BuddyPress plugin which lets you automatically send a new user a friend or a group invitation. You can also send them a Welcome Message or redirect them to a start page.

The latest release includes the following:

new admin page design
new email customization options
easy-to-theme HTML templates

The welcome emails were design by our own fabulous Tammie Lister!

You can check out the preview video that Paul put together:

Welcome Pack 3.0 Preview from Paul Gibbs on Vimeo.


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Build Your Own BuddyPress Plugin with the Newly Updated BuddyPress Skeleton Component

There’s good news for BuddyPress plugin developers this week! The BuddyPress Skeleton Component has been revamped and updated to be compatible with BuddyPress 1.5.
What is the BuddyPress Skeleton Component?
The skeleton component is the bare bones of a basic BuddyPress component, packaged as a plugin. Although it’s listed as a plugin in the WordPress repository, it doesn’t have any specific function on its own. The skeleton component is more of a tool for getting you started on creating your own component. It makes it easy for you to get your component:

Registering activity stream items
Posting notifications
Setting up widgets
Adding AJAX functionality


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BuddyPress 1.5 Released: What You Need to Know Before You Upgrade

BuddyPress 1.5, dubbed “Lombardi”, is finally here, after hundreds of bug fixes and many exciting new features. If you’re even a casual BuddyPress user, I guarantee you that you’re going to love the latest release.

The most notable new features of BuddyPress 1.5 include:

A completely reworked Default theme – one you may actually want to use!
A brand-new installation and update wizard
Integration with the WordPress navigation menus and Admin Bar – no more BuddyBar – hooray!
A rewritten interface for managing profile fields

The New BuddyPress Default Theme is a million times better than ever before!


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Post Voting Plugin Now Includes More Multisite Options and BuddyPress Integration

After an extended beta period we have now released our completely re-written Post Voting plugin. We received a number of feature requests that we were able to work into this new version and are excited deliver more options based on user feedback.

New Features and Improvements include:

New Network Admin option for disabling Site Admin changes.
Added option for disabling voting for post types.
Now includes an appearance option for preventing negative votes.
Timeframe argument for posts to site popular widget.
Voted timeframe option to site popular and network popular widgets.
Support for theme style overrides.
BuddyPress integration


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BuddyPress Activity Plus 1.2 Released with Integration for Group Documents

BuddyPress Activity Plus is a popular, highly-rated plugin on wordpress.org with nearly 12,000 downloads. It’s an absolute must-have plugin for any BuddyPress community, making the activity stream much more interactive by adding a user-friendly interface for posting multimedia updates.

Based on user feedback, we’ve updated the plugin to include a few more enhancements and features:

Improvement: Clearer display of cancel button vs. old ‘X’ icon
Enhancement: Progress indicator for file uploads
Enhancement: Integration with the Group Documents – When the Group Documents plugin is installed, a new document icon appears allowing for document uploads to be attached to groups


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Show Your BuddyPress Members on a Google Map with Avatars

BP Member Avatar Map is a brand new plugin that gives you the ability to map your users’ locations on your BuddyPress site, adding a quick view of where community members can be found. It’s a nice looking map that will show on the members directory page:

How does BP Member Avatar Map work?
The plugin takes the Location field and requests the latitude and longitude from the Open Street Map Nominatim geolocation service.


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