BuddyPress Plugins

Assign Automatic Friends to New Users on Your BuddyPress Site

Nobody likes to sign up to a new social network and feel like they have zero friends. The new BuddyPress Automatic Friends plugins makes your new users feel a little more at home upon signing up to your community. It automatically creates and accepts friendships for specified users upon new user registration.

You can easily set the new automatic connections in the plugin’s options panel:

Getting new people connected right away will help to keep your community growing. Download BuddyPress Automatic Friends for free from the WordPress plugin repository.


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BuddyPress 1.5 Resources: Tutorials, Videos and Info to Help You Get Ready

BuddyPress 1.5 Beta 3 was released yesterday with many bugs squashed in Beta 2 and is now 99% complete. A full release is due out any day now and we’re here to help you get up to speed with all of the new features.

What’s New in BuddyPress 1.5
This is an excellent video from John James Jacoby’s presentation at WordCamp San Francisco. He reviews the development process for BuddyPress throughout the past year and a half and offers an introduction to what’s coming with the 1.5 release.

BuddyPress Overview from Boone Gorges


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Create, Edit, and Delete BuddyPress Groups with Drag and Drop

BP Group Organizer is a new plugin that makes it easy to administrate and organize BuddyPress groups within the WordPress dashboard. It’s based on the WordPress Menu editor, allowing you to quickly move groups around with the drag and drop interface. It also integrates smoothly with the BP Group Hierarchy plugin, so that you can easily arrange groups within the hierarchy you’ve created.

BuddyPress sites with active groups will find many advantages to using the BP Group Organizer plugin:

Easily create groups in one step
Edit multiple groups and group properties without waiting for page reloads
Quickly delete unwanted groups in a flash


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BuddyPress Photos+Tags Plugin Gives Your Community Friend Tagging in Photos, Just Like Facebook

Hot off of development, BuddyPress Photos+tags is a great new plugin that hooks up your BuddyPress community with the same photo-tagging feature enjoyed by more than 750 million happy Facebook users.

After you install this plugin, users can tag their friends and drive more friendly traffic to your community. As a member is tagged, it will show up in the activity stream and he will also receive a notification. This is a very organic way to boost your traffic and gives your users another way to interact with each other.


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Kill BuddyPress Registration Spam with BuddyPress reCAPTCHA

If you run a BuddyPress-based social network, then you know that how much spam you can receive without any measure in place to block the bots. The new BuddyPress reCAPTCHA plugin makes use of the Google reCAPTCHA Service on the BuddyPress registration page, which is located at: located in ‘/wp-content/themes/{name}/registration/register.php’.

This plugin isn’t exactly plug and play yet. You’ll need to edit the ‘bp-recaptcha.php’ file to create your settings. Download BuddyPress reCAPTCHA for free and follow the plugin’s instructions for adding your reCAPTCHA Api keys. You’ll be blocking registration spammers in a matter of minutes.


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12 New All-Purpose BuddyPress Plugins For Customizing Your Social Network

BuddyPress plugin developers have been busy bees in the past few months. Most of these plugins offer small, helpful features that would be well-suited to nearly every BuddyPress community. Not all are hosted in the WordPress repository, so grab a cup of coffee and check out all the latest from the BuddyPress ninjas.
BP Custom Background For User Profile
This plugin was created by Brajesh Singh of BuddyDev.com. It gives your BuddyPress site members custom background images for their profile pages. A user can upload a new image and set it as his profile background image.
Download Plugin
BuddyPress Default Data


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100,000 downloads of WPMU DEV plugins on WordPress.org

We just passed a bit of a milestone at WPMU DEV, over 100,000 downloads of our plugins freely released at WordPress.org.

Sure, there are plenty of individual plugins on the repository with numbers well over that individually, but the fact that we’ve done that in the space of a few months and clearly met some pretty significant needs within the WP community, while we’ve been at it, is surely cause for some celebration :)
The numbers
Our top 5 downloaded plugins have been:

Membership – currently with 24,367 downloads, it’s our only slightly limited version of the best hotdamn membership plugin on the planet

Many plugin flowers blooming...

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Coming Soon: BuddyPress Activity Stream Spam Control with Akismet

BP Labs is a cool new plugin written by core developer Paul Gibbs for the purpose of testing out some new BuddyPress experiments. Paul recently announced BP Labs 1.2-beta-1 which begins testing for Akismet integration for the BuddyPress activity stream.

The BP Labs 1.2-beta-1 includes:

Added caching to @mentions autosuggest; it speeds up multiple requests for the same query
Added Activity Stream Spam experiment


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BuddyPress 1.5 Beta is Here – Start Your Engines!

Breaking News: BuddyPress 1.5 Beta is here… Yes, you read that correctly! We’re jumping ahead to version 1.5!

The BuddyPress development team has shipped 9 point releases since 1.2 was released in February of 2010, so the latest version will leap frog the version number from 1.2.9 up to 1.5. A developer beta 1 has been sent out into the wild for testing.

Take a look at how far BuddyPress has come since 1.2 was released:

792 tickets closed
494 confirmed bug fixes
2,161 total code changes since 1.2 was released


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Help Members Join Groups with the BuddyPress Group Suggest Widget

Brajesh Singh is at it again, cranking out awesome plugins for BuddyPress. His latest one is the BuddyPress Group Suggest Widget. This new plugin will suggest groups to a user, based on the ones his friends have already joined.

Similar to the BuddyPress Friends Suggest Widget, the plugin allows users to hide the suggestions that they would prefer not to see in the future.

The admin can assign a title to the widget and set the number of suggestions that appear to the user.

The BuddyPress Group Suggest Widget is available for free from the BuddyDev.com website.


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