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Launch a Campaign Website with the BuddyPress Politic Theme

With search engines now trumping newspapers in popularity, readers now get most of their information from the internet. Word of mouth via social networks is more valuable than ever. That’s why I’m excited about Politic. It’s a new political WordPress and BuddyPress theme that combines a clean government-friendly WordPress design with the power of BuddyPress community features like members, forums and groups. Having a social network of supporters can help your favorite campaign or cause expand, educate, and grow your supporters.

The Politic theme features:

Awesome design
Strong focus on user-experience, usability, and beautiful typography
Easily change colors via Theme Options


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Planning and Building an Intranet with WordPress

Ah, the Intranet. Long hailed as the red-headed step child of web portals, Intranet’s are increasingly becoming more sophisticated as companies realize the true potential of a well-designed central hub to share, collaborate, reference company and client information, and even manage projects and track time.

While there’s no shortage of hosted Intranet solutions on the market, fortunately for the WordPress inclined a plethora of themes, widgets and plugins are available whether you’re looking to build an Intranet for 5 employees or 500.


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AlienWP Merges with DevPress for New WordPress Theme Partnership

AlienWP has been cranking out some awesome free responsive WordPress themes lately and people have been taking notice. Galin Simeonov of AlienWP was asked by Tung Do to join DevPress as an equal partner. DevPress launched last year with its famous $5/yr membership club but its previous partners disbanded to pursue other projects.

What does this mean for DevPress members?
DevPress has added the themes available at AlienWP and will offer support and updates for them within the theme club membership.

Now when you visit AlienWP you’ll be greeted with the message:


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Exclusive Discount on the New BuddyBox Theme for BuddyPress and bbPress

There’s a new independent BuddyPress theme on the market called BuddyBox. It’s a professional theme focused on gaining new signups and created to be versatile enough to be used with many different kinds of communities.

The BuddyBox theme has several interesting features worth noting, including uniquely designed real time activity streams that auto update:

Directory pages are designed with a grid-style layout:

The BuddyBox theme focuses on encouraging signups to your community. The registration and login forms are custom designed to reinvent the clunky default WordPress interface. New users can easily register and quickly begin using the website:


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New Responsive Buddies Community Theme from Themeforest

After Themeforest opened up its market for BuddyPress themes, there has been a flood of successful themes released. Buddies is the latest to be added. It’s a responsive, minimalist BuddyPress theme with bbPress styles integrated for a seamless design.

The Buddies theme uses the same framework as Gratitude, a previous release from ZenThemes, and it’s been hailed as one of the easiest frameworks to use. The theme also includes a unique widgetized homepage that changes when a user is logged in:

Besides being fully responsive to mobile devices, the Buddies theme features:

Customisable accent color options via the options panel
Custom Background Support


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10 Places to Find BuddyPress Themes

Though the BuddyPress theme market is still relatively small compared to general WordPress themes, there are already a good number of theme providers out there. Our followers on Twitter quite often ask us where they can find BuddyPress themes. Searching Google can be a bit overwhelming and tedious when you’re in the market for a theme. That’s why we’ve prepared this list of places where you can find both free and commercial BuddyPress themes. No need to spend hours sorting through search results – just make sure to bookmark our list as a reference for the next time you’re looking for a theme.


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Feature! is a New Community Magazine Theme for BuddyPress and bbPress

Themeforest has a new BuddyPress theme for sale. It’s called Feature! and it’s not one of your average cookie cutter BuddyPress themes. Feature! has a bold magazine style with loads of configurable options. The theme also comes with matching bbPress styles so that your forum is a seamless part of your community.

Don’t like the background and color scheme? Check out the demo to see how easy it is to change the background patterns and colors. The ease of customization is one of the many highlights about this theme. Feature! also includes:

Unbranded Admin Panel


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Themeforest Releases Huddle: A WordPress and BuddyPress Community Theme

A few weeks ago Themeforest announced that they are officially accepting BuddyPress themes. We promised to keep you abreast of all the latest offerings in the BuddyPress theme market. Huddle is the latest theme on the scene. It is a WordPress theme that boasts both BuddyPress and bbPress compatibility, 6 Custom Page Templates, and 9 Custom Widgets.

View the Live Demo and browse through the community pages to see the unique treatment of your standard BuddyPress functionality.


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Learn How to Make the Default WordPress Themes Compatible with BuddyPress

The BuddyPress codex is always expanding, and I want to draw your attention today to two very useful tutorials.

The theme development section contains information on everything from building your first child theme to modifying the admin bar. It also contains two valuable tutorials for integrating the default WordPress themes with BuddyPress 1.5+:

Theme Dev: BP Template Pack Walkthrough – Twenty Eleven BP 1.5

Theme Dev: BP Template Pack Walkthrough – Twenty Ten BP 1.5

Take a walkthrough lesson…


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