How to Disable User Account Deletion in BuddyPress

Here’s a quick tip that will help you keep your users from deleting their own accounts on your BuddyPress social network. As of BuddyPress 1.5, the site administrator can go to BuddyPress » Settings and disable users from deleting their own accounts:

The BuddyPress core has a number of these handy options added in with the latest release. Many of these configuration options previously required little hacks or plugins to accomplish, but now they’re as simple as selecting a radio button. If you’re just getting started with BuddyPress, check out our pain-free installation and setup guide:


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JigoShop for BuddyPress Brings E-Commerce to Social Networking

There are many e-commerce plugins out there that claim BuddyPress compatibility, but most do not fully integrate with the platform. The free JigoShop plugin now has full integration with BuddyPress with the help of Themekraft’s new plugin: JigoShop for BuddyPress. It’s a brand new option for setting your store inside of your social network.

What does JigoShop for BuddyPress do in a nutshell?
This plugin integrates your Jigoshop e-commerce store with your BuddyPress social network and user profile pages. Checkout, member data and payment history is available in the user’s profile, as you might expect for a BuddyPress-integrated store.


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The Illustrated Guide to Installing and Setting Up BuddyPress 1.5+

BuddyPress 1.5 was a huge release that introduced tons of changes and improvements that make BuddyPress more intuitive and responsive than ever before. A few things have changed since the “old days” of installing BuddyPress, most notably that you have quite a few more options at setup. We’ll walk you through the process, which is really quite easy, though those who are new to BuddyPress may have questions.

Before you install BuddyPress, make sure your WordPress setup meets the minimum requirements:

Server Requirement: PHP 5.2.4 or better
Server Requirement: MySQL 5.0 or better
Server Requirement: Apache Module mod_rewrite enabled for Pretty Permalinks


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Two New WordPress and BuddyPress Review Themes Available on Themeforest

Last week Themeforest announced that they are now accepting BuddyPress themes. The theme market now has two BuddyPress-compatible WordPress themes available specifically for the purpose of creating a review site.

These two themes are by the same author but have a few stylistic and functional differences.

Score: WordPress & BuddyPress Review Theme

The Score theme utilizes the GD Star Rating WordPress plugin for reviews. It includes options to filter reviews and order them by score, date and title.

Notable features, besides full BuddyPress-support, include:

Follow Posts – Follow posts (games) and have them show up in your front-end profile


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Add Additional Fields to BuddyPress Group Pages

BuddyPress Group Plus is a new plugin that allows you to expand your BuddyPress group pages with more information. It offers two additional/optional fields for your BuddyPress groups:

New field allows groups to link to an external website
Ability to add an extra field that you define

Here’s a screenshot of an example of how this would appear on the group creation page:

The information from the new fields is then added to the group’s header:

Group admins are able to edit the details:


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ThemeForest is Now Accepting BuddyPress Themes

ThemeForest has announced that it’s doors are now open for BuddyPress themes, due to the recent success of themes already offering BuddyPress support. Salutation is one such theme, which has already had 650+ sales since we last checked after featuring it on WPMU.org:

Salutation: A New HTML5 WordPress and BuddyPress Theme

ThemeForest has already got a couple other themes offering BuddyPress support, including DynamiX (3,600+ sales) and Mingle (1,600+ sales).


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Interview: Infinity Developers Bowe Frankema & Marshall Sorenson

Last week we featured Infinity: a brand new free Anti-Framework for WordPress, BuddyPress and Multisite. I am pretty impressed with it so far and am really looking forward to seeing where it goes. To get you all up to speed with what’s going on at Infinity I did an email interview with Marshall and Bowe. It’s a long one but it’s got loads of background information about Infinity and will give you some great insight into how it works. Here’s what they had to say:

Tell our readers what Infinity is in less than 50 words?


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Dear #LazyWeb, BuddyPress is not just a forum.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen people ask on Twitter if BuddyPress is just a forum. Where do they get this notion? Is it because BuddyPress sounds so similar to bbPress? Let me just clear this up right now: BuddyPress is more than a forum!

One quick glance at the BuddyPress.org website will show you all of its core features on the front page:

So I’m posting this blog for anyone who googles:

Is BuddyPress just a forum?


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Quick Reference for BuddyPress 1.5 and bbPress 2.0 Action and Filter Hooks

BuddyPress and bbPress theme and plugin developers will love this one! Developer Rich Fuller of Etivite.com has updated and posted a handy reference for BuddyPress 1.5 and bbPress 2.0 Action and Filter Hooks.

The cool thing about this reference is that it’s searchable and each hook entry links you to its trac file. BuddyPress 1.5 and bbPress 2.0 Action and Filter Hooks is definitely a page you’ll want to bookmark.


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