Add Breadcrumbs Everywhere within BuddyPress

BuddyPress doesn’t have enough breadcrumbs! Want to improve navigation within your community? Breadcrumbs Everywhere is a plugin that will add breadcrumb trail navigation within BuddyPress components.

Here’s what it looks like on member pages:

Here’s an example of breadcrumbs on the group pages:

The plugin includes a few admin options for changing the text for the home link, blog link and the breadcrumb divider:


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Subscribe to the BuddyPress News Planet

BuddyPress News Planet is a new place to find BuddyPress news. It’s a friendfeed stream created by David Decker to bring you news from different sources.

The BuddyPress News Planet is a great place to quickly catch up on BuddyPress news from around the web. Add it to your list of resources, and if you’d like to add a new service to the feed, get in touch with David Decker.


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WordCamp Miami 2012 Presentation on Creating a Niche Social Network Using Multisite and BuddyPress

Our very own Mason James gave a presentation at WordCamp Miami 2012 on the subject of creating your own niche social network. If you’re thinking about creating a social network with WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress, these slides have some great tips for getting started. The tools you’re using are open source and free but also come with their own set of unique privileges and requirements. This quick presentation will help you start planning so that you can be prepared to navigate the challenges.

Creating a Niche Social Network using WordPress and BuddyPress View more presentations from masonjames


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10 Places to Find BuddyPress Themes

Though the BuddyPress theme market is still relatively small compared to general WordPress themes, there are already a good number of theme providers out there. Our followers on Twitter quite often ask us where they can find BuddyPress themes. Searching Google can be a bit overwhelming and tedious when you’re in the market for a theme. That’s why we’ve prepared this list of places where you can find both free and commercial BuddyPress themes. No need to spend hours sorting through search results – just make sure to bookmark our list as a reference for the next time you’re looking for a theme.


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BuddyPress Codex Gets a Refresh

If you haven’t visited the BuddyPress codex lately, you should check it out. It has been refreshed to match the new look of BuddyPress.org and is getting more organized to help you find the information you need. Sections are organized into Components, Versions and Main Pages. Recent codex activity is also listed on the front page.

New Additions to the BuddyPress Codex:


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BuddyPress Courseware Launches a Brand New Project Website

If you’re a fan of the BuddyPress Courseware plugin, you need to check out their beautiful new website, located at coursewa.re. Courseware is a learning management system built for use with BuddyPress. The new website features an introduction video, access to the support forums, a live Twitter feed of Courseware-related news, latest commits, and the plugin’s documentation handbook.

We’ve been following Stas Suscov and the Courseware team for awhile as they continue to innovate in open source learning management software. Make sure to bookmark coursewa.re to check in with all of their latest announcements.


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BuddyPress Links is Now a Commercial Product

The BuddyPress Links plugin, created by Marshall Sorenson, is now available in the PressCrew Shop. This plugin is a great addition to any BuddyPress community. It allows members to create and manage links, share others’ links, embed rich media, and much more!

Three tiers of support are currently available:

Personal – up to three domains.
Business – unlimited domains OR one multi-site network.
Developer – unlimited domains AND multi-site networks.

BuddyPress Links is available starting at $49, which is quite reasonable for a professionally-supported plugin from a well-respected developer. Check out all the new features for the plugin at the PressCrew store.


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Feature! is a New Community Magazine Theme for BuddyPress and bbPress

Themeforest has a new BuddyPress theme for sale. It’s called Feature! and it’s not one of your average cookie cutter BuddyPress themes. Feature! has a bold magazine style with loads of configurable options. The theme also comes with matching bbPress styles so that your forum is a seamless part of your community.

Don’t like the background and color scheme? Check out the demo to see how easy it is to change the background patterns and colors. The ease of customization is one of the many highlights about this theme. Feature! also includes:

Unbranded Admin Panel


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