Free Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for Your WordPress Sites

Does your website have a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?
It really should.

Do you recommend your clients create their own, but they say they don’t want to?
Now it’s easy to get a generic (but customized) Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Why You Should Have Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Pages
All of your and your clients’ sites should have these legal documents publicly posted for several reasons:

Best Practices
Required if you create a Facebook App (e.g. to integrate your site with Facebook)
Establishes credibility with visitors, even if they don’t click on or read them
Protects you and your business

WordPress Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

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How to Integrate Aweber with WHMCS Billing for WordPress

The WHMCS provisioning plugin makes it easy to integrate WordPress with the WHMCS billing software, a program which lets you use your website to sell hosting packages, domains, and other virtual products and services.

And if you’re a fanatic about email marketing, chances are your preferred list manager is Aweber; one of the most feature-packed systems available for maintaining contact with your customers and list subscribers.

Separately, these two programs feature some of the best integrations on the web, but developers have yet to add a custom solution to integrate the two programs themselves.

Integrating Aweber email marketing and WHMCS for WordPress Billing

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21 of the Coolest WordPress Sites You’ve Ever Seen

A few weeks ago Matt Mullenweg put out a call on his blog for the Coolest WP Site You’ve Seen, in order to collect some sites for his 2012 State of the Word Presentation. Readers left dozens of comments listing the most impressive WordPress sites they had come across. I couldn’t help but check them all out and wanted to share with our readers the most dazzling sites among those listed. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and prepare to be inspired by all that’s possible with WordPress!


Charity: Water

Slipstream Sports

No 10: British Prime Minister’s Office


Adham Dannaway

Craft Recipes


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Add Scrolling Testimonials to Your WordPress Site

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Displaying customer or client testimonials on your website can lend credibility to your brand and help to establish your online reputation. Testimonials Pro is a beautiful new WordPress plugin that lets you share what your clients have said using a widget or shortcode.

Configuring testimonials is very easy to do within the plugin’s dashboard settings panel:


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BuddyCamp Vancouver 2012: The First WordCamp for BuddyPress

Some very exciting news was announced in the BuddyPress community this week. The very first BuddyCamp will be happening soon! BuddyCamp Vancouver will take place on Sunday, October 14th and Monday, October 15th.

This event will be very much like a WordCamp except completely focused on BuddyPress. Sunday morning will include plenary sessions with talks from members of the BuddyPress core team. Tracks will be available for both beginners and developers in the afternoon. Monday is set aside to be a BuddyPress Hack Day.


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Landing a WordPress Job

Employers increasingly consider “WordPress” its own skill set in today’s job market. It’s no longer enough to simply say “I know WordPress.” How do you prepare for WordPress-heavy job interviews? Learn some key bases to cover for the four main types of WordPress positions.

Four Types of WordPress Jobs
What kind of WordPress job are you looking for? I’ll divide this article into the 4 types I see the most.
1. Writing / Editing / Managing a WordPress site
These jobs use WordPress tools to create and manage website content.
2. Theme Development

WordPress Jobs-Help Wanted sign

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Revolution Slider: A Premium Drag and Drop Slider for WordPress

Revolution Slider is a new premium slider available in both jquery (for your standard html sites), and as a plugin for your WordPress powered website.

It offers an impressive feature set including:

Unlimited Slides
Unlimited Caption Layers
CSS Animation with a fallBack to jQuery
Vimeo & YouTube video
Drag and Drop layering

Here are a few examples of what Revolution Slider can do on your website:

Slide Editing
Revolution slider taps into your media library for photos, videos, or links placement inside sliders.

Revolution Slider Featured

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Twenty Twelve: The New WordPress Default Theme Coming Soon to

Today marks the introduction of the new Twenty Twelve theme on Very soon the theme will be available for free in the WordPress Theme Directory and will be rolled into the WordPress 3.5 download package.

A couple months ago we gave you a sneak peek of Twenty Twelve theme and now it’s out in the wild. You’ll probably start to see this theme popping up on many sites around the web.


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Simple CSS Web Design Tweaks for Your WordPress Theme

Do you just want to tweak your WordPress CSS web design a bit, but don’t really know how?
This post is intended to help you do just that by providing a few basic examples (don’t expect anything complicated). Aimed at WordPress beginners, and those who really aren’t that familiar with CSS, these are basic “fixes” that you can apply to almost any theme to give it a bit of personal flavor.

CSS Web Design - Simple Tweaks for Your WordPress Theme

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