Themescroller – An Awesome New Way to Browse WordPress Themes

Hunting for just the right WordPress theme can be very time-consuming, even if you know a dozen different places to look for themes. It involves browsing each of those sites to look at all of the themes offered. Themescroller is a new site that lets you browse WordPress themes from marketplaces like Themeforest, Woothemes,, Elegantthemes and more coming soon.


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State of the Word 2012 – Where WordPress Has Been and Where It’s Going

Every year now for the past six years, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg has given a “State of the Word” address – i.e. a report on what’s happened with WordPress in the last year and a look forward to the year ahead.

This year’s State of the Word took place at the San Francisco WordCamp a few days ago.

We have embedded a video of the talk below; however, because it’s long (nearly 48 minutes), we’ve also pulled out some of the major points and put them into text (along with an approximate matching time point in the video).


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WordPress Coupons and Discount Codes

Premium plugins, themes, and services make up a large part of the WordPress community.

WordPress is the most popular CMS and, as a result, there’s money to be made by developers, designers, and consultants. But, let’s face it, you build websites with WordPress because you don’t want to or cannot do everything yourself from scratch. It saves you time, money, and headache and lets you provide a wider range of services to your website clients or, if you are a DIYer, to your website visitors.

WordPress coupons, discounts, and ways to save money buying premium extensions and services

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Stay Informed with Notifications

Do you develop or contribute to WordPress? Participate in support forums? As you probably know, a group of official blogs exists for people like you. The “Make” group is home to P2-themed microblogs for the following development areas:


Keeping your ear to the ground
Some of these blogs can go awhile without seeing any traffic, but you can subscribe to individual “Make” blogs by email and RSS–hopefully ringing your bell when new topics of interest come around.

Just yesterday, August 4th, the team added a new way to keep your ear to the ground. Dubbed “ Notifications,” it notifies you:

WordPress Notifications-Girl listening to playground ear trumpet

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Get the Chrome Theme Sniffer to Detect WordPress Themes

Ever arrive to a site and wonder what WordPress theme it’s using? You can always view the source and check out the theme’s stylesheet, but what if there was an even easier way? Chrome Theme Sniffer is a add-on for Chrome that will detect the theme or template being used on current site for several major open source CMS’s, including Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. All you have to do is click the Theme Sniffer button at the top of your browser to get the information instantly, as pictured below:


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Major Changes Coming to the Media Library in WordPress 3.5

The WordPress core development team is already busily preparing for the upcoming WordPress 3.5 release. The media library is due for some major changes. Daryl Koopersmith posted some slides for discussion on the blog. Here’s a sneak peak of the wireframes and workflows they’ve got in motion. Be advised that it’s not set in stone yet and not all of this will make it into the release.

Here’s what the new media library may look like:

Here’s what they’re discussing for the experience of uploading multiple files to the library:


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A Complete Guide to the WordPress Visual Post Editor

The WordPress post visual editor makes writing a blog more like a traditional word processing experience with the ability to format text, change colors, align text, indent, and check your spelling and grammar. It’s a step above the HTML editor and allows you to write beautifully formatted posts without writing a single line of code.

Some blogging platforms less sophisticated than WordPress require cutting and pasting text from other word processors, but the WordPress visual editor makes it possible to create entire articles mixed with images, forms, and other html elements.


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26+ WordPress Gift Ideas

Today, July 26th, is my birthday. Unless it’s hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars, there’s nothing I really want for my birthday. At least not traditional stuff like shoes, music, movies, or other items under $50 or $100…
I want WordPress stuff for my birthday

WordPress gift giving

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