Something is Rotten in the State of WordPress

To the vast majority, WordPress is the poster-child of the open source world.

With over 65 million sites worldwide, 52% of the top 100 blogs on the web and ~17% of the top million websites out there, it’s the ultimate tale of how a community driven project with a open source free-for-all GPL2 license can beat the big boys and take over the web.

It’s full of derring-do, us vs. them, the open internet versus the proprietary, and personal ownership vs. third party dependence – it’s a lesson in what happens if you ‘do the right thing’.

Mullenweg looking in no way at all like big brother...

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The WordPress Planet is Pants – and here’s how to improve it

Since back in the day I’ve had a keen interest in the WordPress Planet, sure sometimes it’s been a bit snarky, but at the end of the day I am genuinely interested in good WP news coming through the pipes into my various dashboards.

And of course, from a business perspective I could hardly be more interested… man I’d love to have in there, since the early days it’s been the holy grail of ‘writing about WordPress’ publishing.


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A 10 Year Visual History of

May 27th will mark the 10th birthday for WordPress, which started as a fork by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little from the B2/Cafelog blogging software.

In fact, in good internet fashion, you can see some of the very first stirrings of WordPress in a post where Matt laments that b2 hasn’t been updated in a while, and he’s thinking of splitting off from it. The first commenter on that post is Mike Little saying, “If you’re serious about forking b2 I would be interested in contributing.”

And WordPress was born.


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How to Insert WordPress Photo Galleries Anywhere Into Your Theme

Last December WordPress dramatically stepped up the way media was handled. It improved the Media Library, the Media Manager, and even default WordPress photo galleries. (Check out that link if you want a tutorial on creating galleries.)

Those efforts at the end of last year really made working with galleries much easier and more pleasurable. And so if you’ve been enjoying the new galleries as I have, you may like this little trick that will allow you to put galleries pretty much anywhere you like in your site.


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Zuck’s got it right, 50% of our staff have been turned down for US visas… for a holiday get together!

So, this year something pretty amazing is going to happen… the whole Incsub team is going to meet up for the first time in NYC, at the end of June, woohoo!

We’ve never done it before, but we figure that it’s time to start behaving like a bona fide proper business, and doing as many physical meet-ups as possible, even if they are more of the Valve type (i.e. very little, if any, actual work… ok, it’s a holiday :)

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses... but not your highly qualified tech staff in need of a nice holiday

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Where are the Women in WordPress?

Since my first Programming 101 lecture at college 10 years ago where I was just one of five women in my class, it seems not a lot has changed.

Back then, the stares of a hundred pimply nerds trying to pass off bum fluff for facial hair burned my skin. No doubt they were all wondering what the hell I was doing there, invading their territory, their space to avoid the needless stress of making small talk with the opposite sex.


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An Invitation – Write for WPMU, for $$$s, Exposure and FAME

As you might have noticed, we’ve been raising the bar here at WPMU of late.

We’re committed to bringing you the absolute best in WordPress tutorials, resources, reviews, news and interesting, topical articles.

And, well, we’d like to invite you to join us, and we’d like to make it more than worth your while too – please consider this your official invitation to become a writer at WPMU.

Here’s how it works:

You submit a pitch to us (a title, summary, couple of paragraphs and some links to your other work)
We’ll get back to you with a yay or nay


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WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 Hits The Shelves

WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 has just arrived and is ready for testing. This exciting news means that we can expect the official WordPress 3.6 release very soon. If you are a WordPress plugin or theme developer, there’s no time to wait. Now is the time to make sure that your extensions are compatible with the upcoming 3.6 release.

What’s New and Exciting in WordPress 3.6?

The WordPress News blog announced the beta today with a summary of all the finalized features. Nothing else major will be added at this point.

Video and Status Post Formats in action, using Twenty Thirteen on WP 3.6

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Today we’re going to tackle the age old question: or If you’re new to the world of WordPress, you’ll need some information in order to get started with your own blog or website. Here’s what we’ll be covering in this comparison post:

Differentiate between and
Compare Differences in:
Freedoms and Limitations
Maintenance and Development

How to decide between and

What is


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Leading Hosted WordPress Solutions:, and RapidPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS. However, apart from powering many self-hosted WordPress websites, this CMS is also used as a hosted solution. Need a quick free blog? Yes, this is where hosted WordPress offerings come into play!

In this article, we shall be taking a look at four of the most popular hosted WordPress solution providers. 

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