Community Needs You! has long been a great community resource for all WordPress related video.

That goes for screencasts, tutorials, guides, WordCamp presentations, and much more. At long last, they’ve turned to the community for help.

Yep! Now anybody can submit their WordPress screencasts, videos, interviews, reports, reviews and videocasts to for the whole community learn and thrive from.

As with any good content aggregator, they’ve got some strict guidelines for quality control, but I think it’s a good thing.

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CISPA is Back: Protect Internet Freedom and Join the Protest on Your WordPress Blog

We defeated CISPA once before but it’s back and internet freedom is under attack again. The Internet Defense League is an online activist group that has organized to help defend internet freedoms and make people aware of bills that threaten your right to privacy. They’ve put together a “Cat Signal“, which coordinates a large number of websites to simultaneously display a notice to their users. This is done by embedding a bit of javascript on your site. When the Cat Signal goes out, your site is ready to join in the protest.

Get the Cat Signal

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Preview The Secret New WordPress Admin Design

It’s about time that the WordPress Admin got some love! It was starting to look a little bit like the Velveteen Rabbit of the web. The good news is that the WordPress elves have secretly been hard at work designing a beautiful new update for the dashboard and we think you’re going to love it.

Hold on to your hats, folks! Here’s a sneak peek:

MP6: A Plugin to Break the wp-admin UI

MP6: A secret plugin currently suitable for only the most savvy WordPress ninjas

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WordPress 3.6 — What To Look Forward To

It has been almost three months since the release of WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” which brought many new features to the table, such as a revamped Media Manager and the elimination of Links Manager. That said, the roadmap for the release of version 3.6 has already been prepared, and in this article, we shall take a look at the new features and ideas that WP 3.6 is expected to bring to fruition.  

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How To Create A Totally Custom WordPress Login Page

Let’s face it, in the years since we’ve been using WordPress, the login screen hasn’t changed much. Sure, you can customize it with a logo but beyond that, it doesn’t really offer much variety. In fact, the default WordPress admin login page really breaks the user’s experience when you have a custom theme in place. Going from your beautiful theme to the default WordPress login page is like going from Paris to Siberia in an instant.

Customized WordPress login page

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Follow WPMU DEV On Pinterest

We’ve just joined Pinterest! Social bookmarking with images has become an increasingly popular way for people to organize their lives and remember important things. We’ve decided to join all the pinners out there by setting up our own WPMU DEV account to feature all the latest WordPress themes, tools and buzz.

We’ve added some of our top categories and will be pinning only our best and most useful posts. Follow us to keep track of WordPress tips and hints, newly released WordPress and BuddyPress themes, WordPress Multisite tutorials and more.


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WordPress Updating To The Latest Version – Errors With Automatic Update

When a new version of WordPress is released, it’s always a good idea to upgrade as soon as you possibly can. But, don’t just hit that update button as soon as you see the notice pop up in your WordPress dashboard. There’s a few things that we should always do BEFORE updating to the latest WordPress version. Plus, what do we do if our update fails?

Automatically Updating To The Latest Version


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How to Create WordPress Photo Galleries with the New 3.5 Media Manager

The biggest change in the recently released 3.5 version of WordPress was undoubtedly the way media is handled. Not only did the Media Library change, but the way galleries are created also changed – all for the better.

Below we’ll go over how to insert a photo gallery in a WordPress post. We’ve got both a video tutorial as well as text and images.

First up, a video of the process.

Opening the Media Manager
To create a gallery, you need to click on the Media Manager button at top left of your editing screen.


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Add Custom Post Types to Tags and Categories in WordPress

WordPress gives you the ability to add custom post types and taxonomies easily with some simple code in your functions.php file, or through the use of a plugin like CustomPress. That means, you can quickly turn your WordPress site into a fairly well-featured CMS.

The only problem is, out of the box, WordPress does not automatically take your newly created custom post types and add them to the archive pages for existing taxonomies ‘categories’ or ‘tags.’


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