WordPress Ghost Project Sparks Discussion on the Future of Publishing

In his State of The Word this year, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg stated that two thirds of WordPress users take advantage of the platform as a CMS – not as a blog platform. Certainly, WordPress is the most popular open source content management system in the world. But users often turn to Blogger or Tumblr and the like, when they only want a simple, basic blogging experience. It is true that WordPress is no longer JUST a blogging platform but the myriad options, plugins and possibilities have complicated the experience for users who simply want a way to quickly and easily publish their thoughts online.


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WordPress Wins the Election!

WordPress has its roots in the personal blog, but it has grown to become one of the most widely used web platforms in the world; powering nearly 1 in 6 websites today.

It’s no wonder politicians have adopted WordPress – it allows for the easy display of personal information, which is essential to a candidate getting-out his or her message; and it also provides functional plugins necessary in today’s web – like social networking integration, community building, group creation, event listings, and of course – blog posts.
The WordPress Powered Candidates

Capitol Building featured image

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The WordPress Community Summit is currently taking place in Tybee Island, GA and the website is getting some attention, as attendees discuss ways to improve WordPress. They’ve launched Make-Meta for collaborating on new features and improvements for

The most exciting announcement of the day is the addition of a new feature: Reviews for Plugins and Themes. Reviews will now be tied to ratings so that in order to add a rating to a plugin or theme, you will be required to provide a review.


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Enable Google Analytics for Your WordPress Site with Dashboard Statistics

For those using WordPress 2.8.0 to 3.3.2, Web Ninja Google Analytics offers a full-service Google Analytics plugin that allows you to enable Google Analytics for WordPress pages and sets up a Dashboard widget for simple and easy Google Analytics tracking and statistics.

Step 1: Install the Plugin
Click Plugins -> Add New and search for Web Ninja Google Analytics. This plugin is available through the standard plugin management system in WP.
Step 2: Configure the Plugin


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Import Your Google Doc Files into WordPress in 4 Easy Steps

If you need a solution for importing your Google Doc files to WordPress in bulk, Docs to WordPress is the plugin for you. This plugin allows you to work in Google Docs and send the files to WordPress using an automated script when you are done. You can even do things like set the frequency of imports and move the file in Google Docs so that it isn’t recopied to WordPress multiple times.
Who is this plugin right for?


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Get WordPress Wallpaper For Your Mobile Device

If you are a WordPress junkie, you are probably already using the famous official WordPress logo in some form, whether on your websites, your blog, a laptop sticker or even for your desktop image. But if that isn’t enough – if you REALLY want to prove to yourself and the rest of the world that you are truly a WordPress aficionado – you might want to look at this official WordPress logo page, where you will be able to download and use a variety of WordPress logos sized perfectly for your mobile device.


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How to Monetize Your WordPress Posts with 1 Easy-To-Use Plugin

Need to earn more ad revenues from your WordPress site?

Domains and bandwidth aren’t cheap. Popular WordPress sites can get costly and fast. Most of us spend tens upon tens of hours writing posts and pages, making our themes work properly, and setting up a myriad of plugins just to make certain our visitors have the best experience possible. To make up for your time invested in creating a  great site, adding another layer of monetization is a good idea.


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The Best WordPress Related Websites on the Internet

If you are a regular WPMU reader, you may recall the first and/or second editions of the WPMU 100 — the top 100 WordPress related blogs on the internet.

The two editions were released four months apart, with the second edition being published in June. Therefore, I knew that October would bring about an opportunity to publish a third edition.

The Best WordPress Related Websites on the Internet

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Learn About WordPress Using the Official WordPress Screenshots Page

Did you know that the WordPress codex maintains a page full of dozens of official WordPress screenshots? These images show an unmodified installation of WordPress using the Twenty Eleven default theme and they are available as a reference for you.

For example, let’s say you are wondering what a tag archive page looks like. Here you can find an example:

Perhaps you’re just learning how to use WordPress and you want to know how to add media. The screenshots in the media section will be a helpful section for you to refer to:


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