Create Protected Forums in bbPress

bbPress Protected Forums is a new plugin that allows you to set role-based posting restrictions for new topic creation in specific forums. After you install and activate the plugin, you will see a new metabox when editing a forum where you can disable new topic creation for specific user roles.


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Maintain All Your WordPress Websites From A Central Location

When you build that first WordPress website, a few weeks later (maybe just a few days later) you learn about updates (plugins, WordPress core, or themes). Oh, that’s easy, just login, update whatever has an update available, and log out.
All good, right?
A few weeks later, you have five WordPress websites. Ten. Twenty. Now, how easy it is to login to all those websites, check for updates, perform the updates, and then log out? Pretty soon, it becomes extremely painful.

So what do you do?

WordPress Commander

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How to Wrap Text Around a Video in WordPress

Many people have run into the problem of trying to wrap text around an embedded video in WordPress. This is what they’re hoping for.

The Problem
Instead, they find that no matter what they do, they can’t seem to get the text to wrap around the video.

After inserting the video embed code, it would appear that you can wrap text around the video in the editor as you would an image. However, upon saving the post, the wrapped text suddenly unwraps.

The Solution
At least one solution to this problem is to use simple CSS padding with divs.


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PSA: WPMU DEV will NOT support the Salutation Theme

Update: To clarify for future generations, this post is in regard to Salutation Theme versions up to 1.5.  We’ll update again when/if this issue is resolved by the theme developers.

Update #2: As of Salutation 2.0 this theme is remarkably more compatible with custom post types and WPMU DEV plugins.  We’re stoked to see the developers respond for the betterment of all customers.  The article and instructions below are no longer relevant and we’re seeing folks have positive results with this theme.  Thanks.


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The Quick and Easy Way to Make Money With Adsense & WordPress

If you know how to do a simple WordPress installation and you’re not afraid to do some work to get started, I’m about to share with you one of the easiest ways to create multiple income streams online.

This is already being used by a lot of WordPress bloggers who are replacing part time incomes or even full time incomes by following a few simple steps:

Creating a WordPress site that gets a lot of traffic
Selling ad space on that site using Google adsense or by simply charging people to advertise on their site.


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Free Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for Your WordPress Sites

Does your website have a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?
It really should.

Do you recommend your clients create their own, but they say they don’t want to?
Now it’s easy to get a generic (but customized) Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Why You Should Have Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Pages
All of your and your clients’ sites should have these legal documents publicly posted for several reasons:

Best Practices
Required if you create a Facebook App (e.g. to integrate your site with Facebook)
Establishes credibility with visitors, even if they don’t click on or read them
Protects you and your business

WordPress Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

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How to Integrate Aweber with WHMCS Billing for WordPress

The WHMCS provisioning plugin makes it easy to integrate WordPress with the WHMCS billing software, a program which lets you use your website to sell hosting packages, domains, and other virtual products and services.

And if you’re a fanatic about email marketing, chances are your preferred list manager is Aweber; one of the most feature-packed systems available for maintaining contact with your customers and list subscribers.

Separately, these two programs feature some of the best integrations on the web, but developers have yet to add a custom solution to integrate the two programs themselves.

Integrating Aweber email marketing and WHMCS for WordPress Billing

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