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WordPress Developer Plugin: An Essential Tool For Theme and Plugin Development

The Developer plugin is a WordPress developer’s best friend – aside from his dog, of course. It’s a plugin developed collaboratively by Automattic and a number of other talented WordPress developers. Created to help you optimize your development environment, the WordPress Developer plugin gives you quick access to all of the best tools for theme and plugin development.

When you install the plugin, a screen will pop up to ask you what type of project you’re working on so that it can tailor its recommendations for you. You’ll be presented with three options:

Plugin for a self-hosted WordPress installation

The WordPress Developer Plugin includes everything you need for an optimized development environment

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Get More Done in Less Time with WordPress Quick Post Management

With Quick Post Management, you can stop wasting time trying to manage your WordPress pages and posts.  This plugin has many uses for managing your blog more efficiently.

Note: Users with WordPress 3.4.2 may find that the plugin does not integrate with their themes and templates or that they need a second user with Editor privileges to view the links once the plugin is installed.


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WordPress Cloud Development with Koding


Koding (koding.com) is a cool new application that allows coding and development in the cloud. It’s particularly handy as a WordPress development environment; one that is reached even when you are on the road and your computer is safe at home.
Koding Features
Koding is much more than just coding and development; it’s a social network and hub for developers to share code snippets, best practices, and to improve the overall level of coding across the web.


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5 Dropbox Plugins for WordPress that Actually Work

It isn’t often that I can’t find many good things to say about a plugin, but Dropbox Upload Form left me scratching my head and wondering just how this plugin managed to stay in the extended listing in WordPress’s plugin manager.


There are many problems with this plugin, but the most notable ones include lack of updates, lack of functionality in the latest updates of WordPress, and old API integration for Dropbox.


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WP-Invoice: A Direct Billing and Invoice Solution for WordPress

Invoicing in WordPress need not be a nightmare any longer. With WP-Invoice by Usability Dynamics, your business can invoice clients directly from the WordPress dashboard quickly and easily.

There are very few solutions for invoicing in WordPress. Maybe people don’t think to fully monetize their blogs, or they use custom-built platforms, but in either case, the offerings for a solid invoicing solution have been few and far between.

WP-Invoice is a solution that can help your business fully utilize the power and customizing power of WordPress.

Let’s take a quick tour on how to make this plugin work for you, shall we?


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Create Unique Welcome Screens for Subscribers Using Membership

Creating custom welcome screens for your subscribers is something that you can do to enhance the feel of your site. By having different text on pages for paying members and non-paying members, you can market to your audience more efficiently and cultivate a higher conversion rate. You can even change the text for the different types of paying members if you use a tiered membership system.

Sites can use this functionality to promote specials, send messages to specific groups of members, and even open access to unique content for users.


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How to Set Up Limited Duration Memberships in WordPress

The WPMU DEV Membership plugin is a great tool for selling premium content of your WordPress site. However, there are times where limited duration memberships may be needed. So, what is a limited duration membership, and how can you set it up in WPMU DEV Membership?

A Limited Duration Membership is a membership option that allows for a customized payment plan. For example, a three-month subscription that bills once per month is a limited duration membership; a renewable one-year subscription is not a limited duration membership.


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Add Charts and Diagrams to Your WordPress Posts and Pages with Easy Chart Builder


Sometimes, the only way to get a point across is to use a diagram, chart, or graph. WordPress doesn’t come with this functionality natively. I don’t know about you, but there are few tasks more difficult than trying to show someone an example or comparison without the use of a good image to back up what you’re trying to prove.

Easy Chart Builder has come to the rescue. This plugin is both easy to use yet complex, and provides you with all of your charting or graphing needs in WordPress.

pie chart-fi

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The Ultimate Site Finalization Checklist for Professional WordPress Websites

How often do you do create a new website for yourself or someone else? Do you just dive in and start working your WordPress theme, plugin, and settings magic? I’m guessing most of us do this and could benefit from having a checklist to guide us through the website finalization process. A checklist will remind you of important settings to configure and help you to not forget the little things.

I’ve created a long list of items to be completed after getting the general site design approved by your client (or yourself if the site is for you).

WordPress Website Finalization Checklist

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Finally, the WordPress Google Analytics Alternative!

Tired of logging in to the Google analytics dashboard to see what’s going on with your WordPress site?

Well now you can see exactly what’s going on with your WordPress site, without having to fumble through the complicated settings in the Google analytics dashboard or relearn it very time Google changes the layout.

I’m talking about a FREE, real time analytics WordPress plugin called Wassup.

Okay, so maybe the plugin name is a little “Generation x,” but check out what this plugin does and I think you’ll be ready to download is and see Wassup for yourself.
No Kidding, REAL TIME WordPress Visitor Statistics


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