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Get Full-Featured Mass Messaging For BuddyPress

One of the main challenges of hosting your own BuddyPress social network is making it easy for members to communicate with one another. BuddyPress does not include mass messaging as part of the default download, but you can now get it with the new Mass Messaging in BuddyPress plugin.

This plugin gives you the ability to offer mass messaging for:

Members of Groups
Members of Events (EventPress)

After installing the plugin, you’ll get a tab for mass messaging in the messaging section as well as a dashboard menu:


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Introducing Visual: A New BuddyPress Theme on the Market from DevPress

The market for BuddyPress themes is increasing, but there are still very few theme providers out there. We’d like to introduce our readers to DevPress, a new place to find a theme for your BuddyPress site. Devpress is a collaboration between Patrick Daly, Tung Do, Ptah Dunbar, and Justin Tadlock.

The DevPress team has created Visual, a unique photoblog theme with support for BuddyPress.

Here’s a quick screenshot of the group forums page:


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Add an HTML5 Contact Form to Your WordPress Site

Got a brand new HTML5 theme for your WordPress and looking for an HTML5 contact theme to add to it? You’ve come to the right place.

Of course, you could always build your own, but maybe you’re not so handy with the code. No problem! There are a couple of new plugins available which advertise themselves as being made for working with HTML5.

HTML5 Contact Form Plugin
The new HTML5 Contact Form plugin in the WordPress repository includes a basic form with clean CSS. It features:

Form validation and detailed UI feedback on error


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Warning: Your iPhone or Mac Mail May Be Killing Your Website

I recently discovered something very important for WordPress sites hosting with Hostgator’s shared option and I wanted to share it with our readers. However, this doesn’t apply only to WordPress sites and Hostgator – it’s a general warning for any site on shared hosting. Your site may be at risk if the email is hosted on the same server as the website.
Primary Symptom: Nasty 500 Errors


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New Plugin Adds a WYSIWYG Editor to Text Widgets in WordPress

Do you ever wish you could you could add the power of the WordPress WYSIWG post editor to your plain old text widgets? If you prefer a more guided experience plus the ability to add rich media, you’re going to love the new WYSIWYG Widgets plugin. It functions exactly like the plain text widgets but with the added ability to make use of the WYSIWYG / rich-text editor, just as you would in the post editor screen.

WYSIWYG Widgets come packed full of features:

WYSIWYG / Rich-text / TinyMCE widget editor
Insert media like images or video into your widgets


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How to Install WordPress in Under 90 Seconds

You thought the famous 5-minute install for WordPress was zippy fast. Now there’s an even faster way to get a WorPress site running on your server, and it literally takes less than two minutes to setup – no exaggeration!

SetupBOT is a unique site-to-site installer for web applications and it can be used to install WordPress in under 90 seconds. It requires no downloads and no technical knowledge. Try out the demo – the install is guided so you don’t need step-by-step guide instructions. Simply fill in the info it asks you for on each screen.


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Export BuddyPress Users to a CSV File in One Click

BuddyPress community managers have been asking for a way to easily export their users in order to use the information offline or copy the users into another site. Now that’s possible with a new plugin called BP Export Users.

This is a simple plugin that adds an “Export Users” menu item under the Tools menu. Once there you will see only one button. One click and you’re immediately downloading a CSV file with all of your BuddyPress users. I tested it this afternoon and it worked perfectly as advertised.


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Free Plugin Lets You Use WordPress Multisite to Power Multiple BuddyPress Social Networks

Currently the default support for BuddyPress within WordPress Multisite is only for the main site. But what if you could have multiple social networks running on one WordPress installation, each having its own separate environment? BuddyPress enthusiasts have been asking for this feature ever since the plugin came on the scene. Now there’s a plugin for that!


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Recommended FTP Settings for Transferring WordPress Files

Have you downloaded or uploaded WordPress files and found that they appear different after the transfer? I recently downloaded a theme using Filezilla and when I opened the files they all had an extra space after each line, a problem which was extremely frustrating. After a bit of research I found that the files were being transferred incorrectly.


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WordPress People and Pets: Interview with Tripawds Three Legged Dog Multisite Blog Community

While this series is intended to feature some of the most popularly known names in the WordPress community with their pets, this week we have decided to feature one of our favorite multisite communities. Tripawds Blogs is a user-supported blog community that helps to provide information, encouragement, community and support for owners of pooches who have had to undergo amputation.

Jim Nelson, the founder of the Tripawds, kindly agreed to answer a few of our questions about his unique community.

Why did you start this community in the first place?


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