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Under the Hood – a Look at the New WMPU.org Design

Since our new version was made live we’ve had several requests for some behind the scenes posts.  In response to this here is our first in which we are going to take you behind the scenes a little to see some of the things that make this site run.

HTML 5 has landed
The theme now is fully HTML5.  WordPress itself adapts so nicely to HTML5.

Just take a look at this format for a post.

{code type=php}


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Fluency Admin Makes WordPress Easier on the Eyes

Fluency Admin is a plugin that’s been around for over a year but has kept a fairly low profile so far. It adds a different style and some extra customization to the WordPress admin area.

This is one of the default styles the plugin comes with but you can also set your own colors:

Some of the cool features of Fluency Admin:

Stylish dark-on-light colours
Hover activated sub-menus
Custom color schemes
Customise WordPress with your logo
Access menus using ‘hot keys’


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WordPress 3.2 Introduces a New Conditional Tag for Multi-Author Sites

WordPress 3.2 has a new conditional tag that may come in handy for theme developers and users who are customizing multi-author WordPress sites. These are sites where the admin user is not the only one writing posts.

Here’s a new tool for your conditional tag toolbox: is_multi_author()

This template tag makes it easier for themes to have different behavior when a site has more than one author writing posts. is_multi_author() checks to see if more than one author has published posts for the site and returns true or false.


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WordPress Projects for Google Summer of Code are Ready for Testing

If you’re an adventurous WordPress fan, you may be interested to test some of the student projects from the Google Summer of code. They’re easy to test, as many of them come in plugin form and are in working condition. Get in on the action and explore the available projects, including:

File Uploader
Language Packs
Document Revisions
Local Storage drafts backup
Enhanced emails
Threaded Comments
Extending WP Webservices
Refresh Android app UI
WordPress Move
Template Versioning


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Send HTML Emails with WordPress and the e-Newsletter Plugin

We’re very excited to introduce our brand new e-Newsletter plugin today. If you’ve been searching for the ultimate HTML Email plugin for WordPress, you’ve finally arrived at the right place. E-newsletter has it all.

Create powerful, targeted email campaigns directly within the WordPress dashboard
e-Newsletter allows you to create successful email campaigns, offer a signup on your website, manage your subscribers and track results for campaigns all from your WordPress dashboard.

Create and edit advanced e-newsletters with professionally-designed templates
Quickly setup unlimited numbers of groups and subscribers to effectively target your campaigns


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Update Now to WordPress 3.2.1

WordPress 3.2 was a big, exciting update for WordPress users with quite a few new features. WordPress 3.2.1 hit the shelves today, but don’t worry – it’s just a maintenance release. You’ll want to upgrade when you get a chance, especially if you’ve been experiencing some problems after your last upgrade.

Here’s what’s new, according to the release haiku:

JSON, the admin
A little bit tidier
Edge cases covered

For a full list have a look at the changelog. Make sure to backup your site just in case before you upgrade. There’s no need to wait – go download WordPress 3.2.1 now.


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PressWork Officially Launches Free Drag-and-Drop WordPress Framework

The new PressWork framework for WordPress officially launched at WordCamp Montreal. Last week I wrote a little preview of the new HTML5 framework, which is unique in that it allows you to change your site’s layout and design in a live preview environment. 

Now that PressWork has launched we’ve got more information and details about what they will be offering.

Check out the new PressWork demo video:

Why was PressWork Created?
Brendan Sera-Shriar and c.bavota created PressWork to be an approachable framework for WordPress users of all experience levels. In their own words:


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WP-Snippets Gets an Update and Redesign

WP-Snippets, created by Filip Stefansson, is one of my favorite WordPress resources for quick and useful WordPress code snippets. They’ve recently updated the site with a new design and a couple of new ways to view the snippets.

Archive mode will show you snippets segmented into different categories of code. The new Blog mode displays snippets in a traditional blog format. You can also subscribe to the Snippet RSS Feed to read them whenever it’s convenient for you.

Check out the redesign at wp-snippets.com and consider posting one of your own snippets to contribute to the collection.


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