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BuddyPress.org is Undergoing Maintenance This Week

The BuddyPress development team announced that BuddyPress.org will be having some work done this week, so don’t be surprised if everything isn’t working as expected.

Here’s the official announcement:
We’ll be doing some maintenance to BuddyPress.org this week, so don’t be alarmed if a few things aren’t working or go missing for a little while. We’ll try to make it as painless as possible, and we promise it will be worth it in the end.


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Like WordPress 3.2’s Distraction-Free Editor? You’re Going to Love Artsy Editor!

WordPress 3.2 was released on the 4th of July, sporting its new fancy distraction-free editor for composing in full-screen mode.

If you’re a fan of the new editor, then you’re bound to love the new Artsy Editor, created by Stephen Ou. It’s a premium editor with an even simpler UI than WP’s distraction-free editor. One of the most exciting features of Artsy Editor is the convenient image management. It lets you drag-and-drop images, Photoshop-style resize images, customize the interface, and much more.

Check out a screenshot of Artsy Editor in action:


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How to Display WordPress Post Content Based on a User’s GeoLocation

If you have the need to display different content based on your readers’ location, you’ll want to check out the new WP Geocode plugin. It gives publishers the ability to customize content based on the geolocation information of the person reading the post.

WP Geocode is easy to use, because it makes use of shortcodes in order to include location data in posts and post titles. You can also use the shortcodes within posts in order to tailor the content based on the readers’ proximity or location.

Settings are easily configured through the plugin’s options panel in the dashboard:


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PressWork: A New HTML5 Front-end, Drag and Drop WordPress Framework

Anyone going to WordCamp Montreal? It’s happening this weekend July 9-10, 2011. If you’re attending, make sure to watch for PressWork, a brand new HTML5 framework for WordPress designers, developers and publishers. PressWork announced on Twitter that they will be launching their framework at WordCamp Montreal.

What’s unique about the PressWork framework?


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WordPress 3.2 is Here: Born on the 4th of July

WordPress 3.2, dubbed Gershwin, has arrived and is ready for download, coinciding with the American Independence Day. Nice little touch for GPL software, isn’t it? ;)

What’s New and Exciting in WordPress 3.2?
If you’ve been following WordPress 3.2 development, then you know it’s packed full of goodies. The major new features include:

Refreshed dashboard design
Fully HTML5 new Twenty Eleven theme with optional rotating header images
Distraction-free writing or zen mode
Retiring support for PHP4, older versions of MySQL, and legacy browsers like IE6
Performance updates to make WordPress significantly faster on all hosting platforms


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WordPress Has Dropped Support for IE6 – Who Can Blame Them?

WordPress 3.2 is dropping this week and, for the first time, it will not have support for IE6. Those of us who have struggled to support IE6 at the expense of modern browsers’ capabilities when building with WordPress are jumping out of our seats to wave goodbye. WordPress 3.2 will be pushing users to upgrade their browsers through the Browse Happy campaign.


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WordPress for webOS Brings You a New Way to Blog on the Go

WordPress announced a new free app today for HP TouchPad owners. WordPress for webOS offers a totally new blogging experience with sliding panels, a full featured WYSIWYG editor, localization, and support for both WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress blogs.

The sliding panels make it easy to write blogs on the go, while switching between creating, editing and managing your content. Essentially, you’re not “stuck” on one page while writing your blog or managing comments.

WordPress for webOS currently only works with the HP TouchPad, but support for other webOS devices will be offered in the future.


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Max Foundry Enters the Commercial Theme Market with Liftoff Launching Theme

The WordPress commercial theme market has a new player. Max Foundry is jumping in with their new Liftoff site launching theme.

Liftoff comes with 12 high-resolution backgrounds, 14 Twitter and Facebook icons, in 3 different sizes, and many built-in options for adding MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Aweber, analytics, favicon, logo, a customizable countdown timer, and custom styles.


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Video Introduction to BuddyPress from Boone Gorges

WordPresss.tv has quite a few high quality video resources for learning about WordPress and BuddyPress. Booone Gorges gave a fantastic introduction to BuddyPress at WordCamp Phoenix 2011 and we wanted to share those videos with you. If you’re just getting started with BuddyPress and want a detailed explanation of how all of its components work, this video is one of the best I’ve seen for learning the basics of BuddyPress.

Both BuddyPress Pt. 1 and 2 are embedded below:


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Magic Zoom Uses Fancy Javascript to Zoom Images on Your WordPress Site

The smooth Javascript image zooming that you’ve seen on many high-end store websites is now available as an easy-to-use plugin for WordPress users. If you’re one of the many people who has suffered lightbox fatigue, then you’ll want to check out Magic Zoom.

Magic Zoom displays images in greater detail when you hover over the image. Current features include:

Cross fade
Fade in/out
Internal zoom
Multiple images
Reverse opacity
Titles above/below image
Position top/left/bottom/right
Borders/colors/cursors and other CSS options

Magic Zoom Dashboard Options:


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