Free Ebook! Download a Copy of WordPress and Ajax

If you’re interested in learning about using Ajax with WordPress then you should grab yourself a copy of the free WordPress and Ajax ebook. WordPress and Ajax is a comprehensive review of using Ajax with WordPress. From the website:
The book contains three real-life examples that provide the rationale and logic behind coding decisions, the reasons for Ajax’s use, and the steps from inception to completion of the examples.
The book works through three main stages:

Foundation: get a good foundation for sending your first Ajax request;
Sending that First Request: learn the code to send your first request and carry out server-side work;

header image - wordpress and ajax book cover

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Grab a Gorgeous Free HTML5 WordPress Theme with Responsive Layout from Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine have been up to their tricks again, yesterday launching a brand new free HTML 5 Theme for WordPress. The theme, called Yoko, was designed by Elmastudio. It’s not just got HTML5 hotness but it has been built with CSS3 media queries for a responsive layout. This means that the theme adapts itself to the size of the browser, making it optimized for the biggest desktop screens and the smallest smartphone screens. . Here’s what they’ve got to say:

Three Column Layout

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Quickly Clone and Migrate WordPress Sites with the Duplicator Plugin

Cloning a WordPress site for use in another location can be sometimes be a fairly involved process, requiring the use of an FTP client, phpMyAdmin, and multiple file edits. I’m excited about the Duplicator plugin, because it reduces this process to three easy steps:1. Create a package 2. Download 3. Install in the new locationPrimary uses for the Duplicator plugin:Migrate a site from one location to another locationPull a production site down onto your local machinePush a local development to a production serverWatch how easy it is to export a package of a live site for development on your local machine: The Duplicator plugin even has special options for working with larger WordPress installations. The options allow you to change the max execution time, max memory limit, exclude certain directories, and receive an email when the package creation is complete.Another use for the plugin is to replicate a specially configured site template for mass site generation. Create a specialized site package and install it any time you need a new WordPress site with everything configured and ready to go.The more you can automate site creation, duplication and migration, the more time you’ll save on tedious, routine processes. The Duplicator plugin is available for free from the WordPress plugin repository. Download it today to start streamlining some of your routine tasks.


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Free Plugin Lets You Use WordPress Multisite to Power Multiple BuddyPress Social Networks

Currently the default support for BuddyPress within WordPress Multisite is only for the main site. But what if you could have multiple social networks running on one WordPress installation, each having its own separate environment? BuddyPress enthusiasts have been asking for this feature ever since the plugin came on the scene. Now there’s a plugin for that!


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Introducing the free WPMU DEV Google +1 WordPress Plugin

The Google +1 button is a brand new way for visitors to recommend your content. By clicking the button your visitor is telling the world “hey, this is great content” or “you should check this out.”

The new, free, Google +1 plugin from WPMU DEV lets you install the Google +1 button onto your site without the need for touching any code. Add Google +1 to your posts and your pages and show the world how awesome you are.

Readers can vote for posts and pages using Google +1
Google +1 widget
Unregistered visitors can vote
Custom post type support
4 button sizes


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101 Essential Free WordPress Resources for Building Your WordPress Website

Having a whole collection of resources in one place is always a great resource in itself – especially when it’s categorized into neat little groups so that you can easily find what you need. Inspired by this post on the always great Freelance Switch, I’ve put together a massive list of all things WordPress.

Installing WordPress – The source of all WordPress Knowledge
The WPMU DEV WordPress and WordPress Multisite Installation Guide – Extensive installation manual for WordPress and Multisite – straight for the WordPress Experts
20 Steps to a Flexible and Secure WordPress Installation – Step-by-step guide produced by NetTuts

bookshelf lead iamge

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3 Free Add-ons For MarketPress – Additional Flat Rate Shipping Options, Store Styles, and Layout Shortcodes

One of the things I love best about the WPMU DEV support community is that members are always helping each other out and sharing solutions to problems. After working with MarketPress on his own sites for a few months, one of our members was kind enough to release some free add-ons to the community.

We thought we’d share them with you, since MarketPress just got a big update yesterday and we’re steadily gaining more users.


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Introducing BuddyPress Activity Plus – A Free Plugin for Uploading and Embedding Media

WPMU DEV has been releasing quite a few exciting plugins to the WordPress community over the past couple months, and we’re happy to announce BuddyPress Activity Plus. It was created to provide the same ease that Facebook has when it comes to uploading and sharing media across the network.

BuddyPress Activity Plus adds three new buttons to your activity stream, giving users the opportunity to quickly share photos, videos and links.

Here’s a quick overview of the features in action:

Photos and Galleries:
Upload a photo (or multiple photos) directly from your computer to the activity stream:

Add Links from any website:


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Download Two Free Sets of WordPress Icons from Envato to Celebrate 1000 WordPress Themes

Envato is celebrating 1000 WordPress themes on Themeforest by offering two free sets of WordPress-themed icons. The icons sets are licensed under the GPL, just like WordPress, which means you can use them in free or commercial projects and even include them in WordPress themes that you sell!

Head over to to celebrate with them by downloading the icon sets for free!


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Top 25 Free HTML5 and CSS3 Themes for WordPress

If you’re looking for a modern WordPress theme then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered all of the latest and best HTML5 and CSS3 WordPress themes that are on the web right now. Every one of the themes listed here is free, so you’re sure to find an excellent framework / starting point for your own HTML5 + CSS3 creations.

Download Theme

TwentyTen Five
Download Theme

HTML-ified TwnetyTenDownload Theme

ToolboxDownload Theme

EuclidesDownload Theme

SpectacularDownload Theme

H5 WordPress Theme
Download Theme

Starkers HTML5Download Theme

The Travel ThemeDownload Theme

Free DreamDownload Theme

Roots ThemeDownload Theme

Handcrafted WP Starter ThemeDownload Theme

Constellation ThemeDownload Theme

Brave New World WordPress ThemeDownload Theme

HTML5 WordPress ShellDownload Theme


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