wpCasa Real Estate Theme Framework

As a WordPress guy and a Tulsa REALTOR®, I’m happy to introduce you to wpCasa. The wpCasa WordPress theme framework has been in development for several years, created by the ThemeShift team (featured on last year’s Niche Showcase: WordPress Themes for Real Estate). wpCasa is flexible enough to handle the unique needs of a demanding real estate website. (FYI: I, Clifford, am not from ThemeShift. I’m just introducing you to the new wpCasa real estate theme framework.)
Distinguishing Features
If you’re looking for a dynamic, all-around great WordPress real estate theme framework, you’ve got to consider wpCasa. It’s got so much to offer.

Responsive design

wpCasa Theme Framework

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Free Premium WordPress Themes With SEO (Also: Nudes, Cats, Cheeseburgers)

Top 11 topics in this column:

Free WordPress themes!
Free premium themes!
Free WordPress plugins!
Free premium plugins!
Free SEO secrets unveiled for free!
Free nude women!
Free nude males!
Free nude pandas!
Cats! Because you know, they can stand on their own.
Cheeseburgers! (Sorry, got hungry…)
Also: More FREE WordPress stuff!

That got your attention huh? No? How about a cat lying on a book then?


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Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Need a new responsive theme for your WordPress site? You’re in luck! So far 2012 has been a great year in the world of WordPress themes. Over the past few months several theme makers have released some beautiful, professional-quality themes that we think you might enjoy. We’ve carefully selected the nicest of those that have been released recently. All of the themes listed below are free to use and have been created to be responsive to mobile devices. Make sure to bookmark all of your favorites!


Demo | Download

Twenty Twelve

Demo | Download


Demo | Download

Luca’s Theme

Demo | Download

Pilot Fish

Demo | Download



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Path: A Free Responsive WordPress Theme For the Hybrid Core Framework

The Hybrid Core Framework, created by Justin Tadlock, has quite an active community of devoted users, many of whom are contributing themes. Path is a brand new one, hosted at Theme Hybrid and also in the WordPress Theme Directory.

Path is a clean, responsive theme designed for blogs with multiple authors.

Path has some very unique options for arranging your content with different layouts. It also includes a number of helpful features that you might normally have to add as a separate plugin, such as breadcrumbs and content-aware widgets.

Path’s most notable features include:


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WordPress Theme Team Releases Free Underscores Starter Theme

In February the folks at ThemeShaper, the home of the Automattic Theme Team, released Underscores, or _s for short. Anyone can download the _s theme at github, but in order to fork it, you previously had to make a number of search and replace substitutions.

The good news is that this is no longer the case, thanks to the new website. It allows you to generate your own Underscores-based theme with your custom theme name and the search and replace already complete.

What’s so cool about Underscores?


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Meet GavernWP: A Free Responsive WordPress Theme on a Powerful New Framework

How about a fantastic free WordPress theme to start off the weekend? There’s a new theme shop in town. GavickPro theme development studio is relatively new to the WordPress theme business. They’re currently a leading theme provider in the Joomla community and have decided to expand their operations to WordPress CMS themes.

Meet GavernWP is their first free responsive WordPress theme.

This beautiful theme is built on the brand new GavernWP Framework, which features:

Responsive Design – Content displays intuitively on all Web-browsing devices with HTML5 and CSS3


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Free WordPress Training Videos, probably the best-known online video training site, is providing its WordPress Essentials Training video course for free (expires August 24, 2012). All you have to do is:

Like their Facebook page
Visit their free WordPress Essentials Training videos Facebook app
Click the “watch course now” button
Click the “Share” or “Cancel” button
Browse and click to start playing your videos!

Hurry up, free access expires August 24, 2012, but it’s available for all members.

Members receive unlimited access to a vast library of high quality, current, and engaging video tutorials taught by great teachers who are also working professionals. WordPress Essential Training course

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WordPress Coupons and Discount Codes

Premium plugins, themes, and services make up a large part of the WordPress community.

WordPress is the most popular CMS and, as a result, there’s money to be made by developers, designers, and consultants. But, let’s face it, you build websites with WordPress because you don’t want to or cannot do everything yourself from scratch. It saves you time, money, and headache and lets you provide a wider range of services to your website clients or, if you are a DIYer, to your website visitors.

WordPress coupons, discounts, and ways to save money buying premium extensions and services

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WooDojo, a free “Functionality Suite”

WooDojo is a theme-independent collection of plugins that enhance WordPress functionality and theme management — a “functionality suite”.

WooDojo is a brand-new functionality suite that democratizes awesome functionality that was previously only available via our themes. This means you can now use WooDojo functionality with *any* theme, regardless whether it is from WooThemes or not. :)
– WooDojo’s Vimeo video description
WooDojo was released in April 2012, had over 12,000 downloads in its first week, and became Securi Security approved earlier this month.

WordPress | WooDojo features

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