thetalkingfowl: A Free Minimalist HTML5 WordPress Theme

Once in awhile the WordPress Theme Directory surprises you with a decent theme that you might actually consider using on your website. thetalkingfowl is a new one that caught my attention today.

It’s a minimalist theme that integrates the HTML5 Boilerplate and the 960 grid CSS framework. The theme incorporates built-in Flickr and Twitter feeds without the use of plugins.

The post templates include only the bare minimum, which gives a strong focus on content.

Features include:

Custom pull-down tab menu
Timeline post page
Theme options menu
Plugin-free Twitter and Flickr feed

Check out a live demo of thetalkingfowl, which is also in use on the theme’s homepage.


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5 Free WordPress Themes Now Available From Designmoo

Designmoo is a design community for discovering and sharing free PSDs, vectors, textures, patterns, fonts, and yes, even WordPress themes.

Did you know that Designmoo was built using WordPress and BuddyPress? It’s a shining example of just how flexible the BuddyPress platform is for building any kind of community.

Recently Designmoo members have posted a couple more free WordPress themes, bringing the total count to five:

Flexi-Canvas features a jQuery-powered sliding gallery and a theme options page. It’s compatible with WordPress 3.2.

Download Flexi-Canvas


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Launch Effect: A Free WordPress Theme for Creating a Viral Campaign in Minutes

Launch Effect is a brand new free WordPress theme on the scene. It’s a one-page theme that lets you create a viral campaign for a soon-to-be launching website. This is no ordinary “Coming Soon” page. Launch Effect packs some powerful sharing features into the theme:

Here’s how it works:

1. Visitors to your website sign up using their email.
2. Upon signing up, the page generates a special URL for them to share with their friends.
3. Use the URL to track your most active referrers and reward them for spreading the word.

The live demos are absolutely stunning:


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Post Your Status to Your Website with the Free WPMU DEV Status Plugin

Posting a link on Facebook is pretty awesome. You can’t really beat the way that Facebook parses a link, feeding through the image and description of that link. Like this:

Wouldn’t it be nice to do just that on your WordPress website? Or even across your Multisite Network? Well, now you can – and easily, with the WPMU DEV Status plugin. Check it out in action!

Install the plugin and check out the new widget on your dashboard:

Insert your link to see it parsed:

Check it out on your blog:

You can download it now for free from WPMU DEV!
Status Premium


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Introducing DeployMint: A Staging and Deployment System Made for WordPress Multisite

Having a separate staging environment for your WordPress site is important when you need to test and roll out some major changes. It can also be a lifesaver, if the staging environment is a decent copy of the production state. I’d like to introduce you DeployMint, a system for staging and deployment that was specifically created for use with WordPress Multisite.


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9 Dropbox Plugins for WordPress

Access to important files on the go is a must-have for people who work on multiple computers and devices. Dropbox makes storing and sharing your files easy and that is why it’s one of the fastest-growing free services on the web. The Dropbox service is such an important part of its users’ workflow that Dropbox service-related plugins for WordPress are popping up everywhere. Check out a few creative ways to integrate your WordPress site with your Dropbox account.

Dropbox CDN


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WP Charity Releases Two Free WordPress Themes

This week WP Charity released a couple of free themes, both of which are Twenty Eleven child themes.

The first theme is called Silver and it includes custom and random images for the header, custom drop-down menus, author info, two columns, threaded comments, and custom backgrounds.

Paper is the second theme. It’s a bit more simple, as it doesn’t include the large header image that you usually expect from Twenty Eleven.


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Customize Your Admin Bar with this Free WPMU DEV Plugin

The WordPress admin bar – love it, hate it, it’s here to stay. You could, of course, hide it, but why do that when you can do so much with it and use it your way? The Custom Admin Bar plugin from WPMU DEV is a free plugin that lets you customize your admin bar – no code, no hacks, just transforming your admin bar to make it your own.

We use it at Edublogs to brand the admin bar, and to give our network users quick access to the links that we think that they will need. Check it out:


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