10 Ways You Can Contribute to WordPress Without Touching Code

Volunteers the world over are the lifeblood of WordPress. Countless developers sift through code to create the thousands of plugins and themes we use everyday – not to mention WordPress itself. In their own time, these developers kill bugs, produce patches and clean up Trac.

But contributing to WordPress doesn’t mean you have to speak PHP. While helping the WordPress community appears skewed towards those with programming know-how, there are many other valuable ways you can make your mark, whether your skills lie in writing, organising or even speaking another language.

Wordpress volunteer

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30 Flat and Funky WordPress Themes

If you haven’t already noticed, flat design is so in right now.

So what is flat design? It’s design. That’s flat. It revolts against skeuomorphism. In UI design, skeuomorphism usually refers to a digital element designed to emulate something from the real world – think of the leather stitching that boarders the calendar on an Apple device or the faux pine bookcase in iBooks.

Skeuomorphism was introduced to help us make sense of new technology, i.e. If if looks like a real button and shines like a real button it must mean I’m meant to push it.


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Outages Posted on New WordPress Status Blog

Major disruptions to the WordPress.org network are being published on a new website announced last week.

Lead core developer Andrew Nacin posted at Make WordPress Core that status.wordpress.org has been set up provide public updates regarding issues with the network.

The site is hosted outside the WordPress.org environment at WordPress.com and gives users a place to go if they’re experiencing problems accessing parts of the site and want to know what’s going on.

The new site comes after problems with the support forums last Thursday.


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WordPress 3.6 Release Candidate Set to Come Out Tomorrow

The elusive WordPress update we’ve been waiting months to see has inched a little closer to release.

According to lead core developer Mark Jaquith, we can expect a release candidate by tomorrow.

In a post at Make WordPress Core, Jaquith says the pesky Post Formats UI that has held up the release of the long awaited version 3.6 has been extracted. He says revisions in the latest release have also been given an “intense” refactoring, allowing users to scale up to hundreds of versions without killing your server or browser.

WordPress logo

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Save Lives! Don’t Design For Mobile!

A few months ago I joined a Meetup group for hikers and spent a gorgeous day in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges with a bunch of strangers who shared my love of the outdoors.

After five hours of walking, talking and collecting a sufficient layer of mud on my boots, I got in my car and set off for the hour-long drive home through the suburbs and – like many other Generation Yers out there – pulled out my mobile phone at each red light to post photos of my day on my blog.

Sorry, no internet today

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WordPress 3.6 Update: It’s Done When It’s Done

It feels like it’s been forever since we last had an update on how work is going on the hotly anticipated release of WordPress 3.6.

But during a developer chat yesterday, lead core developer Andrew Nacin gave the first hint in weeks on where things are at: version 3.6 will be shipped “when it’s done.”

“There is, very simply, still work to do,” Nacin said.

“No surprises like MP6 (I saw on Twitter) or anything like that.

“There will be a beta this week, promise.”


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WordPress.com Dashboard Gets a Beautiful, Darker Look

WordPress.com has been given a tall, dark and handsome makeover. Well, maybe not the tall bit.

Automattic designer Matt Thomas yesterday announced the dashboard’s redesign, which features better contrast, the “oh-so-lovely” Open Sans as the default typeface… and is pretty much the (top secret!) MP6 plugin many of us were expecting would be part of WordPress 3.6.

The revamp also includes redrawn icons and spacing in the dashboard has been opened up.

Thomas said he had a handful of goals for the redesign, which included:

A simply, uncluttered design; free of excessive decoration and focused on your content.


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Automattic and its Cheque Book: A Look at the WordPress Company’s Acquisitions

Automattic has added to its growing stable of acquisitions, buying out WordPress blog editor Poster.

The app’s creator Tom Witkin announced the news in a short statement on his blog, saying he, along with his software, had been snatched up by the WordPress.com parent company. He didn’t disclose how much money changed hands.

Witkin will be joining Automattic’s mobile team as a designer and coder.


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A WordPress Life: In Animated GIFs

It’s Friday, and what better way to look back over the week in WordPress and get ready for the weekend ahead than using animated GIFs!


Is it JIF or GIF?

I’m gonna keep saying GIF with a hard “G”. End of story, as the file format’s creator Steve Wilhite likes to say.

P.S. This is a Friday Funny so chillax :)

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WordPress 3.6 is Alive: The New Heartbeat API

We’ve been anticipating the release of WordPress 3.6 for weeks now, but it’s definitely alive – and you could say it even has a pulse.

The Heartbeat API will be a new feature introduced in the latest release. It’s been designed to deliver login expiration notifications, provide post locking and trigger autosaves - making writers like me very happy.

According to Andrew Ozz who is leading the API’s development:

“The purpose of this API is to simulate bidirectional connection between the browser and the server. Initially it will be used for autosave, post locking and log-in expiration warning while a user is writing or editing.


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