Ditch AWeber and Integrate Your Autoresponder with WordPress

If you’re a WordPress user who is still paying money for AWeber or some other email service you’re in luck. Now you can integrate a far superior, free, email marketing service called MailChimp with your WordPress installation.

I’d also like to share with you a few WordPress autoresponder plugins which I’ve tried that might suit your needs if you’re not interested in MailChimp.

Frankly, I used AWeber for years, and I’ve also used Mailchimp, GetResponse and Constant Contact. While all of these are great in their own way, there are a few reasons I believe Mailchimp is a better service:


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Troubleshoot Your WordPress jQuery Code FAST!

Hey WordPress developers. Want to get better at jQuery? How about saving time on your jQuery development and troubleshooting? Well I’ve got a simple and FREE tool for you to check out.

It’s called www.jsfiddle.net.

Check it out in action…

You just code your html in the upper left box, your jQuery on the bottom left, and you see the result on the bottom right hand side, just like in the graphic above.


Once you get your jQuery and html working how you want them, just drop the code into your WordPress plugin!


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Finding Low-Hanging Fruit When Prospecting For WordPress Clients

If you’ve ever picked fruit from a tree, then you will definitely understand the “Low Hanging Fruit” title, but just in case you haven’t let me explain.

When you pick apples, pears, and other fruit that grows on trees, you either pick the fruit that is at the lowest point because it’s easy, or you drag a ladder out to the tree and get to the fruit that is higher up on the tree.

Is that fruit any better? Normally not – it’s just harder to get to.

Easy WordPress Marketing - Low Hanging Fruit

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New Google SEO Copywriting Rules Essential for WordPress Users

If you’re a WordPress user who plans on using content anywhere on your WordPress site or your client’s WordPress sites, you need stop what you’re doing and read what Google’s Matt Cutts recently said about the “new” rules of SEO Copywriting.

As a blogging platform, WordPress relies heavily on delivering valuable content in order to achieve high rankings. Sure, it’s nice to have back links and social book marks, but the content is what people come to your blog to read, so you need to get that right if you want good search engine rankings and a lot of traffic.


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WordPress as an Ecosystem: The Next Phase of the WordPress Revolution

It’s hard to believe WordPress started out as a mere blogging solution isn’t it?

It wasn’t long before WordPress developers started creating plugins and themes. This led to WordPress becoming a solution for creating professional level websites. Then came WordPress plugins which used the Facebook API, the Twitter API and multi-media features to connect WordPress sites with social media sites.

Now we have WordPress plugins for eCommerce, mailing list management, creating online forums and social media communities, managing customer relationships through live chat and customer support tickets and for tracking marketing campaigns.


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7 Quick Tips for Writing Great Headlines for Your WordPress Blog

Want more readers and more engagement on your WordPress blog? If so, I’d like to share a few headline tips which I’ve gathered from four years of consistent headline testing for myself and my clients.
#1: The Tabloid Headline
The next time you’re in the grocery store, look to your left at the rows of gossip magazines and tabloids. Study the headlines and you’ll start to notice common words, phrases and subjects which you can start using in your WordPress blog headlines.


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4 Apps for Mobile WordPress Publishing

Mobile browsing is becoming increasingly more important to internet users and businesses, and for those who want to reach more viewers, you not only need to make your sites responsive, but also have the ability to update and post on the fly.

The following five applications help you do just that – update your WordPress sites from mobile devices, specifically IOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and Android (tablets and cell phones).

Mobile WordPress

Publish to WordPress blog from mobile

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What Will Google Trusted Stores Mean for WordPress Users?

Just a few months ago, Google launched a new program call “Google Trusted Stores.”

As a WordPress user selling products and services online and trying to gain rankings and traffic, you might assume this has nothing to do with the future of your business.

As long as you keep on creating great content, building back links and climbing up the search engine rankings you’re in good shape right?


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Perfect Post Box Formatting With Markdown Editors

The visual post editor is a no-nonsense WYSIWYG editor which helps you easily add text to create posts and pages in WordPress. But its ease of use also makes it easy to make mistakes, which can wreak havoc on your post formatting, and in some cases even break your blog.
How the Visual Post Editor Works
The WordPress visual post editor is designed to look and work like a familiar word processor. It takes the text and format items you type and turns that into HTML, which your browser (and every other browser) uses to display your content for the web.

WordPress Formatting with Markdown Editors

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3 Simple Steps for Selling Anything With Copywriting

Hello my fellow WordPress bloggers.

In this blog, I’ll be giving you three simple steps I’ve used for over ten years to sell products and services with copywriting. Whether you’re selling in print or on the internet, these three simple steps are all you need to hit a home run with your copywriting.
Step One: List All the Features of Your Product

Start out by simply making a list of all the features of your product.


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