Categories and Tags: Which One to Use and When to Use It

As a novice WordPress user you might be confused about the function of categories and tags. They work in similar ways and they’re both used to classify and arrange your posts. But a category and a tag has its own specific function, and learning to use each one correctly can help better organize your site and make it easier to read.

Categories are a way to classify and order your posts. They are hierarchical, which means they can be arranged with a parent-child structure. For example, a blog that produces automobile reviews might have categories that take this structure:

Know when to use categories or tags in WordPress

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3 Rules to Stop Sucking as an Online Marketing Consultant

A lot of my fellow WordPress enthusiasts and my readers are marketing consultants. Even those who don’t position themselves that way…and unfortunately some of them suck at marketing.

I’m not hating on anyone here. Everyone sucks at something…and I spent my share of years at “Hard Knocks University” before I finally got a clue.


I’ve noticed something peculiar about entrepreneurs, though…

They all think they’re marketing experts.


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5 Ways to Improve Your Blogging in Less Than 24 Hours

Becoming a better WordPress blogger doesn’t have to take years of experience or practice. With a few simple changes in your writing habits, you can make a noticeable improvement over the next 24 hours. Here are five simple things to apply to your next WordPress blog to make this happen.

#1: Use Verbs Instead of Adjectives

Verbs give your writing more impact than adjectives do. Unfortunately, a lot of writers use adjectives as a crutch when describing things. However, with a little bit of work, you can create a punchier description using verbs.


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17 Delicious Raw Food Blogs Running on WordPress

Have you gotten into the raw food craze? People around the world are re-discovering the benefits of a plant-based diet and they’re blogging about it as well. It’s no wonder many of the top raw food blogs choose to use WordPress as their open source blogging platform. WordPress offers tons of excellent plugins for posting recipes, galleries, related posts, newsletters, and anything else that your standard food blog might require.

Check out some of the top raw food blogs on the web to gain a little inspiration for healthy eating.


Choosing Raw

The Raw Lifestyle

Kristen’s Raw

The Raw Food Family



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Quick WordPress Tip: Remove Unwanted Divs with Two Quick Keystrokes

WordPress’ visual editor comes complete with plenty of eccentricities – some distracting, some plain irritating.

But don’t worry – the purpose of this brief post is not to lay hate down on TinyMCE – instead, I want to offer up a quick and easy shortcut fix for a common issue that used to drive me around the bend.

You may wondering what the aforementioned common issue is. Here is a screenshot:

As you can see, the paragraph after the numbered list seems to have lost its bottom margin. When you switch views to the HTML editor, you can see why:


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The Best Thing About the Rolling Stones’ New WordPress Site

OK, something a little light for a Saturday.

The legendary rock band The Rolling Stones have a revamped website now done with WordPress. While the design itself is not so overly impressive (imo), there is one nice touch to the site: its 404 error page.

If you’re familiar with the band’s catalogue, you may be able to guess what famous song you’re treated to when you land on an error page.

Not to spoil the fun, I’ll let you take a minute to guess, then reveal the song after the image below.

Did you guess it? No doubt some of you did.


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Style Your WordPress Menus With Custom CSS

WordPress offers you a lot of styling options for your menu right out of the box. By default, the menu comes with a ton of CSS classes applied to it already, which gives you immense control on styling it.

Here’s a full list of all the CSS menu classes:

.menu-item – This class is added to every menu item.
.menu-item-object-{object} – This class is added to every menu item, where {object} is either a post type or a taxonomy.
.menu-item-object-category – This class is added to menu items that correspond to a category.


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SEO For E-Commerce: How to Make a Great Product Page

Far too many webmasters focus exclusively on driving visitors to their landing pages while expending very little effort on actually converting them into sales. That’s a shame, because neglecting product pages inside of a website is like climbing Mount Everest and stopping within sight of the summit. Well-crafted product pages are integral when it comes to converting any traffic into sales. The best way to effectively practice conversion rate optimization or CRO is through terrific product pages. Address the following concerns and you should do quite well.
Modernize the Interface

Ecommerce - Great Product Pages

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3 Sneaky Tricks Hackers Use to Target WordPress Sites

The open source nature of WordPress has one downside, and if you’re not careful it could ruin your online business. I know this because it happened to me. Just a few months ago, I had a hacker hijack a WordPress site that was consistently earning me several hundred dollars a month.

The hacker:

Blocked all logins from my IP address
Deleted 217 pages of content, including over 50 pages of premium membership content.
Posted 182 spam articles on my site, all which were visible from the home page and which tanked my search engine rankings.


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Writing for SEO While Keeping Content King

My style of writing for SEO (search engine optimization) has evolved because the SEO guidelines are ever evolving. The question of whether or not adding specific SEO elements have had or will have an effect on your article’s visibility to the search engines requires careful monitoring and tracking.

However, keeping current with SEO trends and developing your own set of article writing standards can make your writing process easier and allow you to provide quality content at the same time.

Writing for SEO

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