Style Your WordPress Menus With Custom CSS

WordPress offers you a lot of styling options for your menu right out of the box. By default, the menu comes with a ton of CSS classes applied to it already, which gives you immense control on styling it.

Here’s a full list of all the CSS menu classes:

.menu-item – This class is added to every menu item.
.menu-item-object-{object} – This class is added to every menu item, where {object} is either a post type or a taxonomy.
.menu-item-object-category – This class is added to menu items that correspond to a category.


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SEO For E-Commerce: How to Make a Great Product Page

Far too many webmasters focus exclusively on driving visitors to their landing pages while expending very little effort on actually converting them into sales. That’s a shame, because neglecting product pages inside of a website is like climbing Mount Everest and stopping within sight of the summit. Well-crafted product pages are integral when it comes to converting any traffic into sales. The best way to effectively practice conversion rate optimization or CRO is through terrific product pages. Address the following concerns and you should do quite well.
Modernize the Interface

Ecommerce - Great Product Pages

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3 Sneaky Tricks Hackers Use to Target WordPress Sites

The open source nature of WordPress has one downside, and if you’re not careful it could ruin your online business. I know this because it happened to me. Just a few months ago, I had a hacker hijack a WordPress site that was consistently earning me several hundred dollars a month.

The hacker:

Blocked all logins from my IP address
Deleted 217 pages of content, including over 50 pages of premium membership content.
Posted 182 spam articles on my site, all which were visible from the home page and which tanked my search engine rankings.


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Writing for SEO While Keeping Content King

My style of writing for SEO (search engine optimization) has evolved because the SEO guidelines are ever evolving. The question of whether or not adding specific SEO elements have had or will have an effect on your article’s visibility to the search engines requires careful monitoring and tracking.

However, keeping current with SEO trends and developing your own set of article writing standards can make your writing process easier and allow you to provide quality content at the same time.

Writing for SEO

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15 Key Elements to Building a Resume WordPress Website

What is a résumé WordPress website?

Résumé: A résumé is a summary and/or a set of accomplishments about yourself.

WordPress: WordPress is software that gives you the ability to create a beautiful websites easily. The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers and there are thousands of third party themes and plugins available to transform your site’s style and functionality.

Website: A website is a group of web pages containing hyperlinks to each other and made available online by an individual.

WordPress Websites : The Resume Site

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Starting a Business Developing WordPress Websites? 5 Important Rules to Follow!

So you’ve decided to take your crack at building websites for profit, huh? In the words of the great Winston Churchill, “I have nothing to offer but Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat.” Web development is certainly not for the faint of heart! The rewards are priceless, but the competition is equally stiff.Not only will you be competing with millions of others, but conglomerates like Intuit and GoDaddy.com have also jumped on the bandwagon. This makes it all the more difficult for your business to compete for customers.


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Android Apps To Help You Blog

Blogging on the go is the way of the future. People are updating, liking, tweeting, editing, checking in and publishing from virtually anywhere they are connected.

If your mobile phone uses the Android OS, then you can install a variety of apps to help you stay on top of things and continually update your blog.
First things first
You need to download the official WordPress Android App to get yourself connected with your blog via your phone or tablet.

Great, now let’s get started!

Stay Updated


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To Link or Not to Link, That is The Question

There are different types of links in the world of SEO; Internal Links (links within your site that land on pages within your site), External Links (links within your site that land on pages on other websites) & Inbound Links (links from other websites that land on your website). As always, I’m going to recommend quality over quantity especially when it comes to link building.

Thumbs-Up Thumbs-Down

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5 Tips to Organize Your WordPress Theme Stylesheet and Make it Easier to Navigate

But first, a WordPress theme quiz…
Author’s note: this is a low-tech quiz; answers saved in your head will suffice :-)

Are you a WordPress theme designer?
Are you a hobbyist or enthusiast?
Is your WordPress theme stylesheet a little confusing?
Do you spend too much time trying to figure out where your custom styles should be inserted?
Do you just plop styles in anywhere in the stylesheet and then wind up with conflicts that can be hard to track down?
Do you compulsively customize the heck out of stuff? (that’s me!)
Do you just like to futz around to get stuff looking right in your chosen theme?


WordPress theme - stylesheet excerpt 3

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