Keywords vs Keyphrases and Quantity vs Quality

There are keywords and keyphrases. Keyphrases are 3 words or more such as “Condos in Toronto” or “Condos For Sale”. The methodology to search engine optimization is to target “long-tail keyphrases” which are actionable, i.e. a call to action. Optimizing for words such as “Toronto Condos” may yield more traffic but the quality of said traffic may not convert into a qualified lead but rather attract buyers who are not yet ready to buy.


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10 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Site Updated and Fresh

The best way to keep people coming back to your site is by providing them with fresh new content on a regular basis. There are a number of ways to do this, such as blogging, posting tweets, and building a forums section that will have people contributing content for you. In this list, we’ll look at some of the most popular and effective ways to get unique content that have been specially designed for WordPress, and of course we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons for each. I may cover a few things that you think are common sense to use and implement, but trust me there are still a lot of people out there who haven’t taken advantage of them yet, and you still might get a great idea for something new.

Healthy Eating, isolated on white background.

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7 Things Most People Don’t Know About the Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin rocked the SEO world, especially for WordPress site owners. Heck, a lot of us were still recovering from Panda – an update released a year before Penguin, then the mighty Penguin hit.
 From the get-go, there was a lot of confusion about Penguin. This is partially due to how it was rolled out. Matt Cutts, head of Google Webspam team hinted that an “over-optimization update” may be in the pipeline. Although Penguin does target sites which are over-optimized, that’s not its primary purpose.

Seven things every SEO should know about Google Penguin update

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5 International Newspapers That Use WordPress

It’s obvious that at WPMU.org we’re WordPress crazy. We advocate the use of WordPress, and are delighted when large corporations decide to take advantage of the power and flexibility provided by WordPress.

It may seem obvious that more and more media and news corporations are starting to use WordPress as their CMS given that more and more plugins, themes and developers have started to develop on this system, but there are still many big news corporations who use other CMS or proprietary systems.

We will show you some European and Asian news corporations that are run either completely or partially on WordPress.


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WordPress SEO Made Easy: 4 Tips to Double Your Traffic in the Next 30 Days

What would happen if for the next 30 days you were to focus all your efforts on doubling the traffic to your WordPress site? Most people have never thought about doing this, they just wish they could get more traffic and they keep searching for a magic formula.

But what I’m talking about is 100% focused effort on one goal that, as you’re about to discover, could literally change your life over the next year.


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7 Ways to Screw Up Your Online Presence

There are a lot of ways that other internet users can maliciously mess with your online reputation. There are just as many techniques that you can use to repair the damage they do. But let’s put all the nasty and mean people aside for a moment and think about some of the actions we may unknowingly take ourselves that lead to us screwing up our own online presence? What are the things that we sometimes do to screw up our online presence and what can we do to avoid them?
Common Things We Do To Screw Up Our Online Presence


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Design: Why You Should Be As Anal About It As Steve Jobs

Design is a good idea.
Steve Jobs didn’t say that, but he could have and might have wished he did.

After he took over Apple in 1997, the company’s entire ethos could be summed up with that phrase.

While we could argue about what “good” means in terms of personal taste and aesthetics — and not everyone likes the look and feel of Apple products — what can’t be argued is that article, a.

A good idea.

One good idea.


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Approve or Delete WordPress Comments With an iPhone App

If your email box is full of comment notifications from WordPress, you may need a new system for managing discussion on your site(s). The team at Notificare is rethinking how we interact with these notifications.

It takes time to log into your WordPress dashboard to approve or delete comments. Notificare is a plugin that works with an app on your phone to notify you of new comments on your sites. You can approve comments or mark as spam with a simple push of a button from your phone – no need to log in!


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Prime the Traffic Pump by Preparing the Pictures in Your Posts for Pinners

Pinterest is not only the latest time-suck for the 18 – 35 female demographic – it’s also proving to be a pretty good traffic driver for marketers.

From funny pictures to product images, pinboards are filling up with photos linked to articles, product details and more. And, hey – who is going to argue with free traffic and viral distribution of your content?

So, here are 3 rules of thumb for preparing the pictures in your posts so that they are perfect for pinners (As you’ll see below, these 3 rules helped me drive 420 visits in one month!):


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