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16 Cool Responsive WordPress Plugins for Images and Videos

Ensuring that your site looks good, loads fast and is easy to navigate is great. It becomes essential when users view it on the smaller screens of their mobile devices. Using a responsive WordPress theme is one way to ensure that your content adapts to those screens.

However, sometimes media stubbornly refuses to resize itself properly to fit those smaller screens. If media on your site is not resizing properly when viewing on smaller screens, you’re gonna love these responsive WordPress plugins!

16 Cool Responsive WordPress Plugins for Images and Videos

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6 WordPress Payment Plugins For Micropayments

People deal with numbers in funny ways.  You tell someone something is $404 dollars and they’ll never pay. Tell them it is only a buck and a bit a day and they’ll buy a subscription to the New York Times with Digital Access (ahem).  What if your blog could make use of that same vaguely innumerate impulse in the human mind?  Rather than trying to take large payments that make people nervous, what if customers could instead make small payments that put them at ease?  ”It’s only a buck,” they’ll say.

WordPress Payments Plugins That Make Micropayments Easier.

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Top 30 Google Plugins for WordPress

Google offers so much more than just search and email with services like sharing calendars, user management, webmaster tools, analytics, amazing file sharing with collaboration…the list goes on and on.

Google also prides itself on making much of its code open source (except for the search algorithm, of course), and allowing access to its massive API, which lets developers create applications to bring all that googlie goodness to other platforms.


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Comprehensive Review of 7 of the Most Popular WordPress Premium Theme Frameworks

Last updated: 9:45 am Eastern Time on December 12, 2012
(Also see Round 2)

About this Theme Review
When looking for a theme framework, I want to make sure it can handle any project that comes my way. I want to know my chosen theme framework inside and out. I don’t want to have to pick Genesis for this, Elegant Themes for that, and PageLines when “X”. I want to know it will work with MultiSite and popular plugins. I want page loading optimized, the ability to choose responsive or not, and a solid support channel for when I need help or want to flesh out some ideas.

PageLines, Thesis, Genesis, Headway Themes, Catalyst Theme, Elegant Themes, WooThemes

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What’s In The Showcase: 20 Sites You Just HAVE To See!

The WordPress Showcase is a great place for getting to know who’s using the platform, how they’ve used it and to be inspired. Not too mention finding sites you never thought existed!

Here’s a list of 20 sites on the WordPress Showcase that you have to checkout, simply because they are awesome.


Fat Smack is a simple, CMS-style website that features a jQuery slider and integrated media, making it a hub for the Boston Public Health Commission’s campaign.



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3 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Festivals

I have been working with festivals throughout Canada for nearly 5 years now and set them all up with WordPress websites. I find it’s best to power the site with WordPress as much as possible. This includes the use of the WordPress user base to process submissions/applications from performers seeking to play the festival. To do this I have a few methods but the most simplified approach is done with the following three plugins;
1) Members List

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Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is free, open-source software used to build millions of websites of all varieties. There are tens of thousands of free plugins and themes in the WordPress repositories. WordPress is just PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript so any LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack can easily be used to host a WordPress site. You can even create WordPress sites on your local computer.

Managed Hosting for

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10 WordPress Plugins that will Actually Increase Your Productivity

I’ve been on a bit of a productivity kick recently, trying to get my life organized. I’ve been reading books like “Getting Things Done” and trying to sort myself out with Remember the Milk. Not got anywhere so far….. To celebrate my almost-productive-life I thought I’d take a look for some WordPress plugins that increase your productivity. I started where I always do with a showcase and looked to Google. I searched for “WordPress productivity plugins” and came up with lists that included Google Analytics and SEO Plugins. Wtf? How do they increase your productivity?

Eg Attachments showing files

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