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How to Uninstall WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite is a powerful configuration that lets you launch several websites off just one WordPress install.

But what if you excitedly activate Multisite only to change your mind later?

In this Weekend WordPress Project, we’ll run through how to uninstall Multisite and get your site back to a single WordPress install.

Uninstalling Multisite involves undoing all of the work you did to install it in the first place, so let’s go through it step by step:

1. Back up all your files! It’s better to be safe rather than sorry. You might like to check out Snapshot by WPMU DEV.


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WordPress Multisite with Nginx – How to set it all up and enjoy the blazing fast consequences

Recently, due to the many attacks launched on the internet, especially the botnet DDoS attacking WordPress hosts, I was forced to move some of my sites to a shared server — a virtual machine — with little memory and just a slice of one CPU core.

This required rethinking the whole strategy of hosting them: instead of having huge server with almost unlimited memory, disk space, many CPU cores, and infinite resources, I had to somehow extract the same amount of performance out of this tiny virtual server. How?


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How To Redirect Nonexistent Blogs in WordPress Multisite

On a very active WordPress multisite network, blogs can come and go. Perhaps a user hasn’t renewed his membership or simply decided to delete his blog. Other sites may still be linking to that nonexistent blog. The default behavior of WordPress is to direct you to a 404 error page when you try to visit a nonexistent blog. Unless you’ve taken great care to make your 404 error page useful and engaging, the visitor has probably reached a dead end.


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How to Build a Web Hosting or Design Business with WordPress Multisite

Maybe you’ve had a talent for technology or design nearly all your life. Or maybe you just stumbled onto WordPress one day when looking to set up your own site. And then that one day led to another, and soon you were finding your way around the WordPress backend pretty well.

And then time and time again you started running into people who “wanted a website” but didn’t really have the first clue about how to build one. At some point it probably dawned you – Hey, I could make some money doing this.

Web Host vs. Designer: Which is right for you?

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Importing & Exporting WordPress Sites To and From a Multisite Install

Update – Also see how to migrate multiple sites into one Multisite install here.

One of the most common questions about using WordPress Multisite is, “Can I import an already existing site into Multisite?”

Similarly, another common question is, “Can I peel off a site on a Multisite install and turn it into a single installation?”

The answer to both of these questions is yes, and we’re going to go through how to do that in this post. Essentially it’s as easy as using the Import/Export functions found under the Tools menu in your WordPress admin area.

What Gets Imported


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WordPress Multisite Guide for Beginners: Unlock the Power of Networks

Even the average user can see that WordPress is a powerful and flexible platform. But there’s more to WordPress than meets the eye.

Just below the surface, and somewhat hidden away, there is an even more powerful mode that WordPress possesses – a mode called Multisite.

Enabling this mode allows you to turn a single WordPress installation into a network of sites. Thousands of sites, if you like. Hundreds of thousands. Even millions.


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How To Make a Site Private In WordPress Multisite

When it comes to the subject of privacy, more options are usually better. Bloggers and members of your site are more likely to trust and recommend your community if they know that they have the option to protect their content.

WordPress Multisite Privacy Settings
By default, WordPress Multisite has two site visibility settings under the Settings >> Privacy menu, both related to search engines:

Allow search engines to index this site
Ask search engines not to index this site

If you want more privacy options, it’s as easy as installing a plugin.

WordPress Multisite Plugin: More Privacy Options


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Cleaning Up WordPress Menu Admin with Screen Options

If your site uses a few custom post types and those custom post types are viewable in the WordPress menu area, your admin panel can get messy quickly; making it hard to find categories or tags you actually want to include in your menus.

Of course you could alter your custom post type code to remove them from the menu item screen, but the easier solution is to use the SCREEN OPTIONS tab inside the menu admin area.


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