Force WordPress Users to Change Passwords Every 30 Days

Today I want to feature a cool new plugin from Paul Gibbs that allows you to automatically expire user passwords. Expire User Passwords is a very simple plugin with zero configuration required. Simply install and activate and your users will be forced to change their passwords every 30 days.

You can also change the expiry period to be something other than 30 days if you like. It comes with a define that you can use in your wp-config.php file called ‘TMG_AEP_EXPIRY’,. Just set the value to the number of seconds until you want the login to expire.

Multisite Compatible


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Take Control of Your WordPress Login Page with the New Log In Message Plugin

One sure fire way to get a message across to your users is to present it to them when they log into your website. We’ve just released a very useful plugin called Log In Message that allows you to create custom messages on your login page.

WordPress Multisite network admins can activate this plugin sitewide to display a custom seasonal greeting, announcement, special instructions, links to help pages, or anything else. It also includes the ability to add a custom login footer message.

Bonus Feature:


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Creating an Etsy-Style Network With WordPress Multisite

Calling all Multisite gurus. Today’s installment of the WordPress Q & A Sessions should be right up your alley.

A reader named Brian has submitted the following question to us:

I want to use WordPress Multisite to create something similar to Etsy and Artfire. How would I completely hide all WordPress admin options in the dashboard (for subdomain sites), and create a custom admin page that limits each store owner to just a few basic storefront customization options?

Thank you!


This is a question that we’ve heard from several multisite users over at the WPMU DEV forums. Have you attempted something like this yourself?

Create an Etsy-style site with WordPress Multisite

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Template Plugin Update: Let Users Choose a Template on Registration

WPMUDev’s New Blog Templates plugin, which allows you to duplicate settings for any blog on a Multisite install, has just been updated to also allow your users to choose a template during registration.

For those who are already familiar with the plugin, you can skip to the very bottom of this post to see info about the update.

For those who aren’t familiar with the plugin, we’ll go through an overview and how to set it up.
What does the Blog Templates Plugin Do?


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Privacy Plugin Update: Easily Password Protect Entire Blog

Just a quick update about a new feature released in the popular Multisite Privacy plugin.

For years, this plugin has been a must on any Multisite network – giving users more options to choose from when it comes to privacy settings on their blogs.

One of the limitations to making blogs private (important in education, group discussion blogs, etc.) has been that you needed to first create user accounts and add users to a blog. That can be kind of a pain!


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WordPress Question: Controlling Language Settings in WordPress Multisite

During our WordPress Q & A session last week, we had several people mention difficulties with changing the language in WordPress Multisite.

This one was such question, from a WPMU reader named Tagit:

I followed all the instructions in the WordPress codex, to switch my Multisite install from English to Hebrew.

wp-config, downloaded etc…

Hebrew works fine in the subdomains of my site, but I still can’t write Hebrew characters on my main site. The characters just render as question marks, like ????

Can anyone suggest a way to fix this?

WordPress Multisite Language Settings

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A Maintenance Mode Plugin for WordPress Multisite

Most maintenance plugins don’t work smoothly with WordPress multisite networks, but I found one that I’d like to recommend. WPMS Site Maintenance Mode was actually made just for multisite. It allows the super admin to put the entire network, main site, or subsites into maintenance mode. There’s also an option to customize the appearance of the maintenance page and set a time for the site to return.

Check out the settings page:

Once you turn it on you’ll get something like this:


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WordPress Multisite Dashboard Switcher Makes Life Easy for Super Admins

If you spend a good portion of your day inside the WordPress dashboard, you’re always on the lookout for anything that can make your tasks quicker and easier. This tip today is for super admins who often navigate from site to site in the backend.

The new Multisite Dashboard Switcher plugin lets you easily jump to another site in your network using a dropdown menu, saving you several clicks along the way.

Here’s how it looks in your dashboard:

network (1)

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WordPress Multisite Essentials Part 1 – Concept, Success & Failure

Over at WPMU DEV a member recently asked if we could give them a rundown of key concepts, tips, tricks and lessons learned in starting up Edublogs – and working with innumerable other folk on their Multisite projects.

Well, here’s the start of a series that I hope readers will find helpful, interesting and be able to add to.

And where better to start than, at the beginning…
The Concept…

There are a whole bunch of reasons that you could be starting off with WordPress Multisite, you could be looking to


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