Create Your Own Wiki with the WordPress Wiki Plugin – Now Available for Free

A brand new, free wiki plugin is on the scene with truly convenient front-end editing capabilities. Wiki Lite has just hit the WordPress repository and it allows you to transform your site into a fully functional wiki. This plugin gives you all of the functionality you would expect from any major wiki platform but without all the hassle of having to install wiki software alongside your blog.

Users with the ability to edit posts can create and edit wikis on your site. The wiki pages can be added from the front-end or via the WordPress dashboard:


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Batch Create Plugin Gets Some Amazing Improvements

Our Batch Create plugin is a true gem and a massive time-saver. It allows you to create hundreds or thousands of sites and users automatically by simply uploading a csv text file or xls file. This plugin is an absolute must for migrating a large community. If you don’t have it, you will more than likely be spending hours creating each user and/or site individually.

The latest release of the Batch Create plugin is packed full of helpful updates that will dramatically improve your experience with the plugin:


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WordPress Multisite Reference: Must-Use Plugins Gets an Updated Codex Page

The mu-plugins directory was originally implemented in WPMU, which was merged in WordPress 3.0 and renamed to Multisite.

This directory is now also referred to as the Must-Use plugins directory and you can find a new codex page in the works at:

This page explains the basic features of the mu-plugins directory:

Always-on, no need to enable via admin and users cannot disable by accident.
Can be enabled simply by uploading files to the mu-plugins directory, without having to log in.


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Our Top 20 Most Popular Daily Tips and WordPress Hacks

We’ve been writing our Daily Tip blog for more than a year now. For our daily readers, you’ll remember a few of these and maybe you’ve even bookmarked a few. If you’re just joining us, this is a great summary of some of our most popular Daily Tip articles, based on Google Analytics traffic records. Here’s a countdown of our top 20 hits.
20. Daily Tip: Post to Multiple WordPress Blogs at Once with Multipost Plugin


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Multisite Plugin Manager: An Essential Free Tool for Every WordPress Network

The plugin formerly known as WPMU Plugin Manager is back and better than ever! It’s now called Multisite Plugin Manager and has been completely rewritten for WordPress 3.1. This is one of those tools that every multisite installation needs for managing plugin access permissions across a WordPress multisite network.


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Anti-Splog Now Available for Free Download in the WordPress Repository

Anti-Splog is the unrivaled plugin and service to stop and kill splogs in WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress. It goes far beyond any existing splog plugin for Multisite with its intelligent splog signup prevention and post-signup monitoring.

The big news today is that we’ve released Anti-Splog to the WordPress plugin repository so that more people can take advantage of its many layers of protection.

Here’s a quick visual introduction to how Anti-Splog works on your network:


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Add New Users to Your WordPress Multisite Network with a Handy Dropdown

WPMU Network Site Users Dropdown is a new tool for WordPress Multisite network administrators. It replacesthe input field for adding existing users to a site with a dropdown of usernames, so that you don’t have to remember or look up a user’s login name.

Here’s the original form:

This is how it will be updated if you install and activate the plugin:

If you’re managing a very active network, then the WPMU Network Site Users Dropdown plugin is bound to make it a little more convenient.


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Where to Download Old WPMU Core Files

Believe it or not, we get asked quite a bit where one might download the old WPMU core files. There are many sites that have not yet upgraded from WPMU 2.9.2 or are running on even older versions of WPMU. The page directs you to what seems to be the regular WordPress download page. Click on release archives. Now, scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will find old MU releases in the last section:

You can download a zipped file of any of the old mu releases that you need.


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Create Multiple Levels of Super Admins for WordPress Multisite

WordPress roles and capabilities are fairly rigid when it comes to the Super Admin – it’s all or nothing. What if you want to have a user be a super admin on a more limited basis? Extended Super Admins is your answer. It’s a plugin that allows you to revoke specific privileges from any Super Admin on the network.

Essentially, it allows you to create new roles within the site and then assign any Super Admin to that role, removing the privileges you’ve selected.


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