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Commons in a Box: A Free, Easy-To-Install Community Based On WordPress and BuddyPress

The City University of New York has been offering its CUNY Academic Commons since 2009, providing faculty and staff with a way to share insights, ideas and passions with their peers. Since its inception, this platform has grown into a vibrant community of members who use blogs, groups, member profiles, discussion forums and wiki pages to contribute to an active community over 3,000 strong.

Now, the wiz kids behind the inception and development of this project have harnessed its power and released it in a new, extremely well-documented and packaged project, Commons in a Box, aka CBOX.


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New In bbPress 2.2: Dynamic User Roles, Improved Profiles and Better BuddyPress and Multisite Support

bbPress 2.2 is now available. This the third major release for the bbPress project and it’s awesome. Your forums will not be left hanging when you upgrade to WordPress 3.5 and BuddyPress 1.7. The good news is that bbPress is already one step ahead and fully compatible with upcoming releases.

You may have noticed everyone raving about the latest bbPress release on Twitter. That’s because 2.2 is packed full of all kinds of goodness:

Added What’s New and Credits pages
WordPress 3.5 and BuddyPress 1.7 ready
Improved user roles and capabilities
Improved theme compatibility
Improved BuddyPress Group Forums integration
Improved forums convertion tool


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WordPress Cities: The New Government Web Standard

City, town, and other municipality websites have long been in need of usability updates. Systems made decades ago were static and hard to update, rarely interact with any kind of social media, and see visitors often complaining about not being able to find the information they need.

Put simply, most governments are online in domain name only – with no meaningful interaction. And that’s certainly not reflective of today’s growing “community” on the web, nor its more recent advances in online technology.

Sites for Cities  Featured image

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WPMU’s Best in WordPress: November 5th – 11th


Lots of great links in this Best in WordPress episode, and we’re going to get right to it. This week, we focus on productivity plugins and styling your responsive sites.
1. Automatically Create CSS from Photoshop: CSS3Ps
If you use Photoshop and you design sites, you’re going to love this link. CSS3Ps developed a plugin for Photoshop which converts your layers to valid CSS3 to use inside your design projects. Works amazingly well and delivers clean code.
2. Ghost – The New WordPress?

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WordPress Ghost Project Sparks Discussion on the Future of Publishing

In his State of The Word this year, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg stated that two thirds of WordPress users take advantage of the platform as a CMS – not as a blog platform. Certainly, WordPress is the most popular open source content management system in the world. But users often turn to Blogger or Tumblr and the like, when they only want a simple, basic blogging experience. It is true that WordPress is no longer JUST a blogging platform but the myriad options, plugins and possibilities have complicated the experience for users who simply want a way to quickly and easily publish their thoughts online.


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WPMU’s Best in WordPress: October 28th – November 4th

We start off this week with a video interview of the WordPress creator by the Wall Street Journal. We end with a post on sliding widget panels. In between, you’ll find this week’s best WordPress posts from across the web covering topics like CSS grid systems, strengthening your community themed site, creating custom widgetized sidebars, and more.
1. Wall Street Journal Interviews WordPress Creator Matt Mullenweg: WSJ.com

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WordPress Gets Its Second Ever iOS App Courtesy of ManageWP

Back in August a major new version of the WordPress iOS app was released. I was pretty excited to check it out and wasn’t disappointed — it offers a genuinely usable way of adding and editing content on your WordPress site(s) on your mobile devices.

At the time I remarked on the fact that there were no other WordPress iOS apps available. Could it be that mobile devices don’t warrant their own dedicated apps for WordPress beyond the official offering? I hardly believed that could be the case.

The ManageWP iOS App

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ThemeThrift Releases Hurricane Sandy Relief Bundle of WordPress Themes and Plugins

I am continually amazed by how fast the WordPress community will mobilize to assist a cause. In the face of the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has wreaked on the American Northeast, some benevolent WordPress folks have teamed up to help victims in a unique way: by releasing free WordPress stuff.

If you love WordPress themes and plugins and are also wondering how you can help those hit hardest by the hurricane, then jump on board and donate $10 (or more!) for this sweet collection of 13 themes and 2 plugins.


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