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The WhiP Newsletter #3

Hello dear readers and welcome to Friday!

Have you ever tried tabbing through a WordPress site? Morten Rand-Hendriksen thinks it’s sucks and is pushing for accessibility to be a mandatory requirement for all WordPress themes.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Tom McFarlin looks at a couple of ways to save meta box data in WordPress. There’s a cool guide to applying a jQuery UI date picker theme for WordPress 3.8 and above over at Hongkiat. For something a little more advanced, check out Object-Oriented Programming in WordPress: Building the Plugin II.

The WhiP

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The WhiP Newsletter #2

Hello dear readers!

WordPress ignores 31,000 complaints. A Trac ticket has revealed tens of thousands of complaints to wordpress.org, including 4000 from the past six months have been completely ignored. And what’s WordPress going to do about it? Remove the complaints system, of course. Unsatisfied with WordPress? Too bad.

WooThemes fails to woo. WooThemes has apologized to its customers in the company’s latest update concerning a security breach. It seems hackers intercepted credit card details between checkout and WooThemes’ off site credit card processor. Still, the breach hasn’t put off some who have taken advantage of a 50% discount coupon code and spent hundreds of dollars on extensions.

The WhiP

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The WhiP Newsletter #1

Hello there and welcome to the very first edition of The WhiP!

Woothemes breach could remain a mystery. There have now been almost 1000 reported cases of fraudulent credit card activity since Woothemes initially announced it had received a handful of complaints. The company has admitted “at this time we do not foresee any conclusive reports on how our system was infiltrated, and we might never know.”

BuddyCampers go do-nuts. Two people turned out for BuddyCamp in Miami this past weekend. Just kidding, there were 150 people there – double last year’s figure.

The WhiP

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New Plugin Release: Multisite Theme Manager by WPMU DEV

We’re pleased as punch to announce a brand spanking new plugin: Multisite Theme Manager.

Multisite Theme Manager lets you control and customize your users’ theme viewing experience. Give your themes striking feature images, change names and edit descriptions. And when you’re done, export your settings for use on other networks.

Head over to our plugins page to download Multisite Theme Manager.

Multisite Theme Manager

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Is it Worth Upgrading to BuddyPress 2.0? Short Answer: Yes

Amongst the hullabaloo surrounding the release of WordPress 3.9, BuddyPress 2.0 was quietly shipped with a bunch of cool, new features.

Dubbed “Juliana” after a Brooklyn pizza joint where BuddyPress developers regularly pow-wowed, the latest release offers some of what developers asked for in the 2014 BuddyPress Survey – better administrative tools, performance improvements and updates to the activity stream.

The release comes after the social networking plugin recently crossed 2 million downloads, and almost five years since BuddyPress 1.0 was released.

BuddyPress improvements

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WordPress 3.9 “Smith” is Out

The latest version of WordPress has been released.

Named “Smith” in honor of jazz organist Jimmy Smith, WordPress 3.9 aims to “close the gap” between what you see when creating posts in the backend of WordPress and what you see published on your site.

This release includes a raft of improvements that build on features in previous versions of WordPress, including quick image editing, the ability to drag and drop images directly into the visual editor, gallery previews, audio and video playlists, live widget and header previews and a new theme browsing experience.

WordPress 3.9 honors jazz great Jimmy Smith.

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How To Learn WordPress in a Week (For Free!)

Thanks to the low barrier to using and working with WordPress, anyone with an idea and time to spare can develop a product or service on top of WordPress and start a business. In fact, many of our members are already doing that.

Whether you’re working full-time and juggling family, social and volunteer commitments, mastering WordPress is within your reach – and there are so many resources available for free that if you do have time you have absolutely no excuse!


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Introducing the All New WPMU DEV Jobs & Pros Section

In the beginning there was a simple job board. It was really popular and got used a heap, but it was really pretty basic.

Still, our members loved it, it was a great way to find awesome WordPress developers to do custom work and for our members to get great freelancing gigs.

So we decided it deserved some proper love… and today we’re pleased to announce our all new Jobs & Pros section.

Jobs & Pros

Jobs & Pros

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6+ Cool Features in WordPress 3.9 That Make Life Easier

If you run the bleeding edge nightly installs of WordPress, you would have updated to version 3.9 Beta 1 this week.

If you don’t run the nightlies, you’re missing out on some fantastic new features.

Post editor updates, live widget previews and the ability to drag and drop images directly into the visual editor are just some of the neat new features in this release, which is due out next month.

Feature image

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8 WordPress Themes And Plugins For Creating A Review Site

Are you interested in starting or sprucing up a review site?

Perhaps it’s for pleasure – you’re the kind of a person who feels that urge to share your opinion on you favorite restaurant, movie or game – or maybe it’s for profit but whatever your motivation, building a review site with WordPress is within the reach of even the most novice of WordPress users.

Here’s 8 WordPress themes and plugins to help you on your way to review stardom.

Composite image of table of reviews plus a 3 star rating

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