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Friday’s WhiP Studiously Ignores Non Important WP Release – The WhiP #79

We’ve made it! And not just in a now-the-working-week-is-done way, but through the thorny bushes of readers comments, the muddy troughs of internal revolt (yes, dear reader, someone at wpmudev does care) and the arid plains of the often dull WP landscape.

Once more, once more, to the breach, hold, hold, peep…

In which we absolutely do not mention anything to do with 4.0 

As we were repeatedly told when we called it underwhelming, the new release of WP that we won’t mention isn’t actually at all significant because WP doesn’t practise semantic versioning.

Except, ahem, of course, when it does…

The WhiP

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Oh, come on. Fire the guest author. – The WhiP #78

The WhiP Newsletter #78

Another day, another WhiP and (assuming tomorrow comes together) this is the penultimate guest-edited one… we’ll hold a wake at WhiP HQ accompanied with ceremonial reading of unsubscribe and general abuse messages, a choice selection of which are included at the end of this email… don’t go anywhere :)

But first… WordPress!!!

New release target for 4.0 is, erm, today, in an hour or so… Helen should cue up some Nicky to celebrate!

Yet another security issue, this time with a well known slider plugin, scary stuff - especially since it’s bundled with some very, very significant themes.

The WhiP

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Y U NO LIKE WhiP? – The WhiP #76

Feedback on the guest edited WhiP:

“I can’t say whether I enjoy it or not. It’s change. Whether it is good or not will only become evident in retrospect.”

Yes, indeed, it’s change indeed. But as the WhiP’s older sister used to tell it in no uncertain terms, it’s her record collection, so get your greasy paws out of it, um, yeh.

And next week it’ll all be back to normal, let’s apply retrospect then :)

Oh, and in WordPress news & rants…

WordPress Podcasts? Really? Why?

The WhiP

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Guest Edited WhiP Is Annoying – The WhiP #75

Aloha & Welcome to a Bran Nue Day at the WhiP, this week mystery-guest-edited-for-your-entertainment.

So, prepare yourself for missed days, sporadic delivery times, poor spelling, worse punctuation and a general drop in quality… hurrah!

So elegant? So intelligent?

Go on, tell me it hasn’t piqued you interest that Elegant themes have been stepping up the posting game like a nine year old prepping for Xmas pressies. Vast numbers of new authors (happily, many being of the non-regular WP gender), posts flying out left right and center, monthly reviews (what’s wrong with daily, huh, huh? ;) and post images that remind me of… hmmm.. let me think… lol.

The WhiP

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