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Best WPMU DEV Posts of 2013

It’s been a cracker of a year here at WPMU DEV. We’ve released lots of new plugins, updated existing ones and helped give our members the best WordPress support out there.

Thank you to all our loyal WPMU DEV Blog readers who have supported us throughout the year and contributed to some fairly robust discussions in the comments of our posts.

Throughout the year we wrote hundreds of articles, so to farewell 2013 here’s a roundup of our biggest and best posts.

Happy New Year!

Best of 2013

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Advent Calendar: Useful WordPress Snippets ‘Til Christmas

Elliot Richmond over at Square One Marketing & Design has been getting into the Christmas spirit.

The designer and self-confessed WordPress geek has set up WP Snippets Til Christmas, a fun and festive WordPress advent calendar.

Everyday until Christmas, a new code snippet is released on the site. So far there have been snippets on topics such as Properly Enqueuing Script and Styles in WordPress, how to Create Your Own Registration Form in WordPress and how to Add a Custom Post Type Submenu to an Existing Custom Post Type Menu.

A bunch of developers well-known within the WordPress community have contributed to the holiday project, including Tom McFarlin, Brad Williams and Konstantin Kovshenin.

Advent Calendar

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WordPress 3.8 “Parker” Out Now

The latest version of WordPress has been released.

Named “Parker” in honor of bebop innovator and jazz saxophonist Charles Parker, WordPress 3.8 includes a redesigned admin interface, admin color schemes, updated theme management and a smoother widget experience.

WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg led work on version 3.8, which was the second release cycle where all major features were initially developed as plugins.

Charlie Parker

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Free WordPress Expertise: WordSesh 2 Presenters Announced

Twenty four hours of round the clock WordPress talks will return on December 7 (UTC).

More than 40 speakers have been announced for WordSesh 2, a free full day of presentations from all over the world streamed live online.

WordSesh is a great opportunity to hear live presentations by well-known people in the WordPress community you would only otherwise get to see at WordCamps.

Some big names presenting include WordPress co-found Matt Mullenweg, WooThemes co-founder Adii Pienaar, WebDevStudios partner Lisa Sabin-Wilson, the Matt Report’s Matt Medeiros and plugin developer Pippin Williamson.

WordSesh feature image

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WordPress 3.8 Features Confirmed: MP6, Dashboard Update and Widgets Makeover

The features set to make it into WordPress 3.8 were decided during an epic three-hour IRC meeting, during which team leaders ran their proposals past WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg.

The plugins given the greenlight include: MP6 (a visual overhaul of the admin area), DASH (a redesign of the dashboard landing page), THX38 (a reimagining of the theme installation experience) and Widgets Area Chooser (a redesign of the widgets area interface).

Unlike previous versions of WordPress, all of the features planned for 3.8 are being developed and tested first at standalone plugins before they are integrated in core.

Widgets Area Chooser

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WordPress 3.8’s Proposed Features: Have Your Say

Four plugins are vying for inclusion in WordPress 3.8, which is due out in early December.

The contenders include: MP6 (a visual overhaul of the admin area), DASH (a redesign of the dashboard landing page), THX38 (a reimagining of the theme installation experience) and Omnisearch/Global Admin Search (merges the various admin search forms into one).

Unlike previous versions of WordPress, development of WordPress 3.8 began in tandem with 3.7. This will also be the first release where each of its major features have been developed first as stand-alone plugins before their integration in core.


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WordPress 3.7 Set For Release Any Day Now

With WordPress 3.7 expected to be shipped in just a matter of days, the second release candidate has been made available for testing.

Lead developer Andrew Nacin posted at Make WordPress Core that RC2-25890 will be the last build of 3.7 before its release.

Core developers are set to meet in IRC today at 10am EDT to “see if everything is a go”.

If you’re already testing WordPress 3.7, your install will have been already automatically updated to RC2 thanks to the release’s flagship feature, automatic updating.


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ManageWP launches WordPress Community News Site

After a delayed start, the guys at ManageWP have finally launched their self-titled WordPress news aggregator.

ManageWP.org is kind of like Digg and allows users to submit articles and start discussions about all things WordPress.

ManageWP founder Vladimir Prelovac said after six months of work, the community driven site offered an interactive space for people who work with and use WordPress to share information.

Members of the site can vote for their favorite stories and the more popular items are featured on the homepage.

ManageWP.org was originally planed for launch on August 2, but Prelovac previously told WPMU.org the delay was due to “developers :)”

ManageWP feature image

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WordPress 3.7 Beta Testers Needed

A new beta for the upcoming version of WordPress is out – and more testers are needed.

In a post at WordPress News, lead developer Andrew Nacin announced WordPress 3.7 Beta 2 was available for download and testing.

Nacin said it had been a “quiet beta period” since Beta 1 was released on September 30 and put a call out for help testing automatic background updates.

Testing is easy – just download and install Beta 2 and it will update each day to the latest development version and then email you the results.


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