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WordPress 3.7 Beta Now Available

WordPress 3.7 Beta 1 is out and ready for testing.

You’re probably thinking, “Wasn’t WordPress 3.6 only just released?!” Yep, it’s been been a super short release cycle – version 3.6 was shipped just two months ago on August 1. Even the 3.7 Beta is out early – it was made available on Saturday, two days ahead of its scheduled release today.

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New Post Locking Feature in WordPress Improves Multi-Author Sites

With the release of WordPress 3.6 not long ago, there was the addition of a new feature called “Post Locking,” which automatically locks a post that’s currently being worked on.

But that description doesn’t really cover all the flexibility you get with Post Locking. You can actually easily “break into” a locked post too – which is also important.

But breaking into a locked post is not like breaking into a post that was being worked on pre WordPress 3.6. In fact, it ends up being a completely different experience.

WordPress Pre Version 3.6


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Automatic WordPress Core Updates Ready for Testing

Auto-updates for WordPress installations are now available to developers.

Automattic’s Dion Hulse has been working on the feature’s functionality and has put a call out for help with testing.

Hulse said up until now, automatic updates have been disabled in trunk while development was in progress.

Head over to Make WordPress Core for a detailed rundown on how to test updates.

As of WordPress 3.7, all installs will begin updating automatically without the need for users to manually update their version of WordPress whenever there’s a new security release.

For developers, on the other hand, WordPress will update daily to the latest nightly build.

WordPress automatic core updates

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WordPress Powers One in Five Websites

WordPress is on the cusp of powering a fifth of the world’s websites.

According to W3Tech’s latest Content Managements Systems Survey, WordPress is used by 19.9 per cent of all websites.

On January 1, WordPress recorded 17.4 per cent. The current figure is a 2.5 per cent jump in less than nine months.

WordPress is by and far the world’s most popular CMS. Joomla holds just 3.3 per cent of the market, Drupal is on 2 per cent and Blogger 1.2 per cent.

Despite WordPress’s popularity, a huge 65.9 per cent of all websites don’t use a CMS.

WordPress Traffic Surpasses Yahoo


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WordPress Releases a Security Update – Version 3.6.1

WordPress.org announced a “security release” today for core WordPress files – Version 3.6.1.

A “security release” fixes potential holes in the software that hackers could use to exploit your site. In other words, you should UPDATE RIGHT AWAY.

One of the best security measures you can take is to always update to the latest version of a security release (that’s plugins, themes, and of course the core files).

According the WordPress News blog, the release fixes the following three issues:

Block unsafe PHP unserialization that could occur in limited situations and setups, which can lead to remote code execution.


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Make Your Photos Yours With Pressgram

It’s like Instagram but for WordPress and you get to keep 100 per cent ownership of your images. And it’s finally hit the Apple App Store.

John Saddington’s baby Pressgram is now available to download for free.

The co-founder of the now defunct 8BIT, the company behind the Standard theme, announced the photo sharing app’s arrival this morning, just a day after the one year anniversary of the program’s conception.

According to Pressgram’s Kickstarter page, the app is like Instagram in functionality but differs is in its philosophy.


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Embed Tweets and YouTube Videos: Coming Soon to WordPress

It will soon be easier than ever to quickly embed tweets and videos directly into your self-hosted WordPress posts – but only if you use Jetpack.

The Media Explorer for WordPress.com accounts has been updated to allow users to add trending content from Twitter and YouTube to their posts, all from within the post editor.

The Insert Tweet window allows you to search for tweets by keyword or hashtag, by tweets to or form a specific users and by geographic location, and add one or more tweets to your post.

WordPress.com tweets and video embeds

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3 New Reasons Why You Should Download WordPress for iOS

The WordPress for iOS team has further fuelled my penchant for stalking random bloggers thanks to their latest release for the iPhone and iPad.

Version 3.7 is out and features a fast and beautiful new native reader, making it all the more easier to follow your favourite blogs and find new ones that have been freshly pressed.

The major features in this release include:

Revamped native reader
New accounts system, ensuring the app does a better job of connecting to multiple services like your blog, Jetpack, the native reader and notification feature
Thai language support

WordPress iPhone iOS

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ManageWP enters the WordPress news space

After months of mystery, the guys at ManageWP have offered a sneak peak at their entry into the WordPress news space.

ManageWP.org is a WordPress news aggregator, kind of like Digg, where users can submit articles and start discussions.

Members of the site can vote for their favourite stories and the most popular items are featured on the front page.

I received an email invite to check out the site. It’s easy enough to login using your Twitter account and navigate the site. Submitting articles is as simple as copying and pasting a link and adding a short description.

ManageWP news site

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