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The WhiP Newsletter #19

Hello dear reader!

Ranty rant rant. Brian Krogsgard has let rip at a “fear mongering journalist” who unnecessarily criticized WordPress in an article about Australian politics. His rant is OTT, but it’s justified – the article in question has been poorly researched and is missing information, such as what were the three websites in question using if not WordPress? And how much should a government website cost?

Android App-date. WordPress for Android 2.9 has been released with somemuch-needed improvements, including blog discovery, interface improvements and faster notifications and stats refresh.

The WhiP

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The WhiP Newsletter #18

Welcome to a new working week!

WorkPress. WordPress is creating more jobs, but what exactly are those jobs? Joyce Grace takes a look at the career paths WordPress has created and where to find the best jobs.

bbPress Security release. If you’re running bbPress, an update was released over the weekend, which includes an important fix for a security vulnerability.

Love thy plugin developer. Tom Ewer urges WordPress users to respect free plugin developers and show a little love in the latest post on the reinvigorated ManageWP blog.

One for the developers. New Relic offers some advice on programming concepts new software engineers should learn.

The WhiP

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The WhiP Newsletter #17

Hello Friday!

Reset the Net. Automattic joined tech companies in calling for greater online privacy yesterday in Reset the Net. The company has committed to serving pages only over SSL for all *wordpress.com subdomains by the end of the year in a bid tomake mass surveillance more difficult.

Premium plugins are here to stay. ManageWP ponders the future of premium plugins in a world where WordPress core is becoming more feature-rich. When it comes down to it, according to writer Brenda Barron, users will always want more than core can give.

The WhiP

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