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Google Penguin 2.0: Are You Nervously Watching Your Traffic Stats?

If you don’t compulsively hit refresh on your site’s traffic stats, you might want to go and take a look.

Google has released the latest – and highly anticipated – update to its anti-spam algorithm, Penguin 2.0.

WordPress users could be forgiven for welcoming the news with trepidation. After the last major update a year ago many sites took a massive hit in traffic… including WPMU.org

This time, the roll-out hasn’t come as a surprise. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, announced on his personal blog on May 22 the roll out of the next generation of the algorithm was complete.


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What To Expect In WordPress 4.0

Here at WPMU.org we are waiting in excited anticipation for the release of WordPress 4.0. It doesn’t matter that 3.6 is just around the corner – 4.0 just can’t come soon enough!

So to help calm our nerves we’ve been speculating about what it will include and what we hope to see in this future version of WordPress.

Some of our predictions might seem a bit more, erm, unlikely than others, but hey, we’re allowed to have some fun and dream a little huh :)

Let us know your thoughts, and what you would like to see in WordPress 4.0 in the comments below.

Google Glass on a Train

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Google Wants Your WordPress Site

The biggest web company in the world has finally announced its support for the most widely used programming language.

At its I/O developer event last week, Google announced PHP is now supported in its platform-as-a-service offering, Google App Engine.

It’s fantastic news for WordPress users – it means Google can now host WordPress sites in its cloud and developers can take advantage of App Engine’s auto-scaling, reliability and security.


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The WordPress Planet Has Been Replaced

The WordPress Planet news feed is in some serious need of revamping. In our recent post “The WordPress Planet is Pants – and here’s how to improve it”, James pointed out what everyone was already thinking.

The WordPress Planet has been cluttered with irrelevant content for a long time. As no initiatives to improve it have been made known, the folks at WPLift has taken it upon themselves to create “A Better Planet,” a feed that includes WordPress news sources based on merit and relevance.

Introducing: A Better Planet


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The Most Exciting Feature of WordPress 3.6: Native Audio and Video Support

We’re all eagerly looking forward to WordPress 3.6 with its beautiful updates to Post Format UI and bright new default Twenty Thirteen theme. But there’s one feature that far and away surpasses all the others.

The upcoming WordPress 3.6 release will add native support for audio and video files. This one is a real game changer. We’re going to give you a full introduction to the new capabilities and show you how you can use them on your WordPress site. But first, let’s take a look at how we’ve previously been managing multimedia files.

In the old days…

Solid audio/video support means a better experience for both publishers and readers

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Where are the Women in WordPress?

Since my first Programming 101 lecture at college 10 years ago where I was just one of five women in my class, it seems not a lot has changed.

Back then, the stares of a hundred pimply nerds trying to pass off bum fluff for facial hair burned my skin. No doubt they were all wondering what the hell I was doing there, invading their territory, their space to avoid the needless stress of making small talk with the opposite sex.


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Security Alert for WordPress Users!

It seems there has been a recent surge in attacks on WordPress sites. The brute force attack takes the form of trying to break into your site by repeatedly attempting to log in to your Admin area with computer-generated credentials.

It is recommended that you make sure you have a very secure password. A secure password mixes things up by using letters, numbers, upper and lower case letters, and special characters such as &#)@!, etc. It is also recommend to NOT have a username of “admin.”

Photo: Other Danger Sign from BigStock


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