Oh, come on. Fire the guest author. – The WhiP #78

The WhiP Newsletter #78

Another day, another WhiP and (assuming tomorrow comes together) this is the penultimate guest-edited one… we’ll hold a wake at WhiP HQ accompanied with ceremonial reading of unsubscribe and general abuse messages, a choice selection of which are included at the end of this email… don’t go anywhere :)

But first… WordPress!!!

New release target for 4.0 is, erm, today, in an hour or so… Helen should cue up some Nicky to celebrate!

Yet another security issue, this time with a well known slider plugin, scary stuff - especially since it’s bundled with some very, very significant themes.

The WhiP

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Y U NO LIKE WhiP? – The WhiP #76

Feedback on the guest edited WhiP:

“I can’t say whether I enjoy it or not. It’s change. Whether it is good or not will only become evident in retrospect.”

Yes, indeed, it’s change indeed. But as the WhiP’s older sister used to tell it in no uncertain terms, it’s her record collection, so get your greasy paws out of it, um, yeh.

And next week it’ll all be back to normal, let’s apply retrospect then :)

Oh, and in WordPress news & rants…

WordPress Podcasts? Really? Why?

The WhiP

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Guest Edited WhiP Is Annoying – The WhiP #75

Aloha & Welcome to a Bran Nue Day at the WhiP, this week mystery-guest-edited-for-your-entertainment.

So, prepare yourself for missed days, sporadic delivery times, poor spelling, worse punctuation and a general drop in quality… hurrah!

So elegant? So intelligent?

Go on, tell me it hasn’t piqued you interest that Elegant themes have been stepping up the posting game like a nine year old prepping for Xmas pressies. Vast numbers of new authors (happily, many being of the non-regular WP gender), posts flying out left right and center, monthly reviews (what’s wrong with daily, huh, huh? ;) and post images that remind me of… hmmm.. let me think… lol.

The WhiP

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Roadmap, Features, to Keep WordPress Awesome

WordPress has been at the forefront of publishing disruption by bringing smart, easy, capable, industrial-strength publishing to anyone and everyone. That’s why we love it.

But if WordPress is to keep its mantle as the “people’s champion” then it has to respond as publishing and publishers’ needs evolve and the issue with the upcoming 4.0 major release (like many before it) is that there’s precious few signs of what might lie ahead.

Where is the roadmap? What features or capabilities could future WordPress releases include? How will WordPress maintain its position as the world’s favourite online publishing tool?

A long straight highway with a WordPress logo at the end.

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Free WordPress Themes Are Stunning, Awesome, Impressive, So Why Buy One?

Blogs such as this one are about one thing: creating an audience to sell to. And to do that you need posts that get traffic.

The analytics for the first six months of 2014 for this blog throw up some interesting results, interesting dilemmas and a key question.

Are those that write about WordPress driving the free mentality of WordPress users by continuously telling readers how great, awesome, super, impressive and stunning free is?

Tag cloud made from the top 100 post titles

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What Secret Projects are Automattic Working On?

So, everyone’s favorite state-sponsored news outlet has reported on an extended interview with Matt Mullenweg regarding his plans plans for the future, and amongst lots of niceties regarding mobile, open source, remote working and all that jazz, there was a gem of a quote:

“There are things we’re launching this year that we’ve been working on literally for three or four years that are not public.”

The sky's the limit with Jetpack - credit Steve Jurvetson

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5 Reasons Why Your WordPress Business Should Have a Blog

The line, “If you build it, he will come,” may have worked for Kevin Costner’s character in Field of Dreams, but such advice doesn’t necessarily ring true online.

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend carefully crafting a beautiful and functional site. Without visitors it may as well be a piece of paper flapping about in the breeze.

So how do you drive traffic to your site?

Blogging can offer a relatively simple way to increase your page views, build authority in your niche and connect with new and existing customers, all while promoting and reinforcing your brand.

Flock of sheep.

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Aesop Story Engine: The Next Big Thing For WordPress?

The Aesop Story Engine plugin made a somewhat muted debut on the WordPress Plugin Repository this week.

It’s been well-received but is certainly not taking the WordPress community by storm (maybe it should have called itself the Ghost or Medium Story Engine?) but it should be as it puts high-production long-form storytelling in the hands of every WordPress owner.

And that could be enough to make it the Next Big Thing in WordPress.

Photo of library

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Why Front-End Editing Is A Drag And Should Be Dropped

It’s a curious contradiction that a new drag-n-drop page builder can have the WordPress community hyperventilating whilst it simultaneously goes dizzy over the decidedly back-end post editing interfaces of Draft, Ghost and the marvels of Markdown.

Perhaps it’s the fear of missing out on being an early endorser of the ‘Next Big Thing’, or perhaps there is a genuine excitement about the perceived advantages of front-end page builders and content editors… or perhaps the WordPress community is just generally predisposed to shiny new objects.

Whatever the motivations, front-end editing is gathering momentum, but will it result in WordPress’ very own diabolical incarnation of Frontpage and should we be grabbing the stakes and killing it off before it wreaks bloodsucking carnage on the WordPress ecosystem?

Photo of girls clapping and cheering

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